Mr. Bones and His Burgers

 When listeners groove to the music on Woody Radio they love to eat food.  The choice meal of today is a Salmon Burger with a Tomato and Cucumber salad. Thanks Mr. Bones!

Walk Life

Put your walking shoes on and explore.


Which peanut butter brand is your favorite?


What are you watching? Tell us about the must see shows.

Manfred And Ghost Granny

        Welcome to Midnight, Texas. Midnight is a town filled with a variety of life, spooky beings, people with special abilities, vampires, witches, biker gangs, guns-for-hire and surprise of wonderful plenty.   The people of town live in anger, heartbreak, murder, lies, lust. They have an eventful life while doing normal daily…

Baby Driven review of “Baby Driver” by the SlinkyRedFoot

  official Slinkstitute non-spoiler review of Baby Driver Directed by Edgar Wright Starring Ansel Egort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Eliza Gonzalez, and some super ugly chick named Lilly James. So, first things first- 4 stars, go see this movie. You will like it, I promise. I also think it benefits from the big…