Happy Hour With The Anderson Council

Last night I sat down with Peter Horvath and Chris Rousseau from The Anderson Council at Pino’s, a cool little venue in Highland Park, NJ, that they call home. We spent time talking about the band, their inspiration, the New Brunswick music scene, and drinking some craft beer and a very nice rye whiskey.

If you’ve listened to their latest record “Assorted Colours” you know this band is full of lush harmonies, jangly guitars, and lyrics that make you wonder, “What the hell are they talking about?” Pete explains himself, and it might not be what you think.

Tune in on Thursday evening, April 27th at 7PM eastern time to get to know them and to listen to some tracks from their catalog.

Make sure to pick up a copy of “Assorted Colours” or the back catalog:


Written by Kim Olin / Photo by  James Appio of Cool Dad Music

Record Store Day With Soraia

I spent this afternoon celebrating Record Store Day 2017 the only way I know how…live music in a record store. I made my way to Positively Records in Levittown, PA to see a set from my current favorite Philly area band, Soraia.

The standing room only crowd was treated to a high energy set from powerhouse front-woman  ZouZou Mansour and her band of merry minstrels: Travis Smith (bass), Mike Reisman (guitar), Brianna Sig (drums) and Jack Faracchio (Keys). The set was jam-packed with old favorites like “Love Like Voodoo” and Kinks cover “(I’m Not) Like Everybody Else” from their last record Soraia Lives, and plenty of new tunes from their forthcoming album produced by Little Steven Van Zandt for Wicked Cool Records. This band is fresh off a tour with label-mates The Kurt Baker Combo and they are loud and tight. Go and see them if they come to your town! Look for the new record coming your way this Fall.

ZouZou took time to tell the crowd how important it is to support all the surviving independent record stores out there. Remember these are the places we music lovers go to find things to obsess about…old and new. So, if you haven’t yet, pick yourself up and go to your local record store, catch an in-store performance, and buy something….anything. These folks do it for love, not money. Please support them.

Look for a full interview coming up with ZouZou in the near future. We’ll talk about writing, and touring, and the new record. I can’t wait to sit down and chat.

From the desk of Kim Olin/ Photo – Kim Olin

My Dinner with Johnny Pi

Last night I had the pleasure to sit down and interview Johnny Pisano, who is not only the go-to bass player in NYC, but also a friend. We chose a great little pizza joint with an imported brick oven that serves terrific Neapolitan style pizza. This may be a trivial detail to some, but it’s serious business to this Brooklyn NY native. So serious, in fact, that he named his first solo project to honor his passion for authentic pizza done right.

Johnny Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria “Everybody Gets a Slice” is the culmination of years of touring and getting to work up close and personal with some of the most admired names in music. He has put together a collection of songs that are fun and catchy. There are a few moments of introspection, but that doesn’t slow down the freight train that is Johnny Pi as a front man. This may not be traditional Punk rock, but the attitude is there, and he has something to say, even when his tongue is planted firmly in cheek.

Listen to my interview when it airs Wednesday April 19th at 10 PM Eastern or archived on Mixcloud after that. There you will hear a man who loves what he does, is passionate about it, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He’s also a pretty good storyteller who has a good head for the details.

Johnny produced this album independently with the help of a PledgeMusic campaign. The CD, downloads, and other Johnny Pi merchandise are available through:


Written by Kim Olin, Photograph by Christina Arrigoni