DJ Kellbell’s top 2013

My favorites for 2013

  1. Blown Away–Carrie Underwood


  1. Wrecking Ball—Miley Cyrus.


  1. Two Black Cadillac’s—Carrie Underwood


  1. What the Fox Say?—Ylvis

  1. We Can’t Stop—Miley Cyrus (this is not the official video but I think this version is much better!) Jimmy Fallon and the Roots Version…

  1. Held Up—Hank 3

My favorite part is that he mentions Indiana. Beause I am sure he has been Drunk more than once in Indiana… “Got buzzed one time in Indiana, couldn’t walk for 2 days…”

  1. Roar-Katy Perry



Favorite Concert this year

This is the only one I loved so much. I always love seeing Hank 3, he is never a disappointment! Love Hank 3, I will see him every time he is in the local area, even if local is 3 hours away. Highly recommend his shows. We saw Hank in Ft. Wayne Indiana at Pierre’s. Lovely club, love going there, people are nice, the security is great, the prices can’t be beat, and please try don’t try to come underage because security is tight. They have been known to ban permanently.


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