Lovehammers at the House of Blues in Chicago on May 10, 2015

Lovehammers at the House of Blues in Chicago on May 10, 2015

Posted by  Cheryl Frishman

On May 10, 2015, I had the pleasure of getting to see one of my favorite bands in their hometown.  This wasn’t just any Lovehammers show.  For those of you living in Chicago or in the area, many of you have heard of a yearly event called Hammerfest.  I have been trying to get down to Hammerfest for a few years, but have always had a conflict and was excited to go this year.

The House of Blues is one of the most amazing venues in the area.  It has been in Chicago for years and hosts blues and rock.  Concert goers can sit up in the fancy balconies or be down on the floor.  There is a restaurant and amazing bars upstairs for afterparties and it is a  venue unlike any other.  The Lovehammers have been a music staple in Chicago for many years and always host VIP parties before and after the show.  This gives the fans, friends and families a chance to come visit with old friends, enjoy the amazing music and memories and make new memories.

The Lovehammers are Marty Casey singing lead vocals, Dino Kourelis on drums, Billy Sawilchik on electric guitar and on bass is Bobby Kourelis.  They are a tight knit group who have been together for a long time.  Chicago is lucky to be able to call the Lovehammers one of their hometown bands because they are truly the best.  Not only for the music, but for all the years of treating their fans like family.

This year, the Lovehammers invited Weight of the World, Simple Simon, and Draft Week to play with them at Hammerfest.  All three bands are from the Chicago area and came out to show their support!  All of the bands played and were full of excitement.  They had the crowd ready for Lovehammers!

The Lovehammers exploded onto the stage.  Marty Casey was dressed in a red jacket and took the stage on like a whirlwind.  He owns the stage!   It’s clear the chemistry that Marty, Bobby, Billy and Dino have as they sing song after song from their long career.   Songs like Trees, The Tunnel, and  Let it Go from the movie Frozen, filled the night with amazing music!

The last few years the Lovehammers’  fans have been treated to Marty Casey inviting his talented girlfriend Daniella Cairo up on stage to sing their rendition of Circle of Fire.  It’s always a high point during the show.  Mr. Casey had more business to attend to on this night as he began professing his love for the beautiful Ms. Cairo.     We all knew a marriage proposal was coming.   Marty proposed with a beautiful ring   in front of all his family, friends, and fans.  This was a beautiful, romantic gesture!  Congratulations to Marty and Daniella!

This truly was an amazing evening of music and and a very special Hammerfest!


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