DJ Mac on Woodyradio – Year in Review 2014

DJ Mac on Woodyradio – Year in Review 2014 – Top Ten Indie Songs by Airplay
1. The Secret Post – “World in view”
The Secret Post come to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma. With influences such as The Cure, Bauhaus,
The Chameleons, and Interpol, The Secret Post make intelligent, passionate music. Their new album
“From Train to Station” will be released soon, and if we’re lucky we’ll hear more from them in the coming year. A feature article about the band can be found in Fourculture Magazine issue 11, pg. 48 –
2. Hyena Motorcade – “Into the static”
Hyena Motorcade was formed in Orange County, CA during the summer of 2009. With high-quality studio recordings and live shows, they quickly drew well-deserved attention, and radio airplay. A new album is in the works. Check them out at:
3. Nobody Likes Neville – “Collider”
Nobody Likes Neville is a Baltimore-based music project including Brad Cox, Chase Elkins, Dan McCullough, and Eric McCullough. After many well-received live performances, the band released its self-titled EP on February 11th, 2014. This alternative hard rock EP combines songs and instrumentals written and recorded over the course of 3 years. Check it out here:
4. Attasalina – “Heart of the beast”
Attasalina, from California, released her first solo “Heart of the beast” in July. Intelligent and sexy, this song reveals a passionate and sulty soul ready to be set free. The year included a series of intimate, coffee house shows, and her performance at The Desert Stars Festival in October – You can also read more about her and her former band, The Seraphim Rising in Fourculture Magazine, issue 10, pg 98 –
Find more about her at:
5. Carnival Star – “The Drowning Man”
Carnival Star is a collective of musicians creating alternative indie/goth music. Their “The Era Sessions” released in May, includes an outstanding cover of The Cure’s Drowning Man (featuring Zachariah Wiser of The Secret Post). Find out more about Carnival Star here:
6. Zeitgeist Zero – “When the lights go down”
Zeitgeist Zero are an alternative music group based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Combining humor, spot-on vocals, and a mix of guitars and electronics, they have been creating music since 2003. With a decidedly dark side, Zeitgeist Zero have a catchy style fronted by magnificent Teresa Dead. “When the lights go down” appears on their EP “The Blackout”. Find out more at:
7. Sentinel – “Somewhere else”
Sentinel is an indie, dreampop three piece band, based in Northern California. Formed in 2000, they play many live shows throughout California. Audiences are treated to their memorable original songs, exemplary music, and exquisite vocals. Check out more music from Sentinel at:
8. Hearts Fail – “Monument”
Hearts Fail had a successful year in 2014. Along with the release of their latest album “The Tower”, and many live performances, they were also included on several compilations. Most notably among these is their cover of “Monument” featured on “There Must be a Hole in Your Memory,” an Adrian Borland Tribute from The Beautiful Music. Find out more about Hearts Fail here:
9. Preacherz of the Savage Truth – “How long”
A French duo creating atmospheric, sometimes harsh, and often danceable music, The Preacherz of the Savage Truth never fail to disappoint. In addition to their series of covers, an original movie soundtrack “Bizon”, and a new EP “Phoenix, they submitted their remix of How to Destroy Angels’ “How long” to an international remix competition. They were honored with second place. Find out more about the Preacherz:
10. Teribal Anamal – “Megavolts”
Brooklyn, New York-based Teribal Anamal released their latest album “New Creature” in May 2014. Recorded at Gravesend Studios, their unique mix of new wave and postpunk influences shine through on this album. Formed in 2012, this relatively new band have created songs and sounds that foreshadow a bright future. Find out more about them:

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