Rusty VonHammerdown’s year end top ten list!

Like a Top 10 List?
1. Stiff Little Fingers – No Going Back CD (Rigid Digits) 2. RF7 – 101 CD (Smoke Seven)
3. Symbol Six – Dirtyland LP (Jailhouse Records)

4. Channel 3 – History/Kicked In The Teeth 7″ (Hostage Records)
5. Narcoleptic Youth – One Nation Under Nothing LP (Dr Strange Records)
6. The English Dogs – We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will! CD + DVD (Nunny Dave)
7. Symbol Six/Fang – split 12″ EP (Jailhouse)
8. Cancerous Growth – Cancer Causing Agents: A Cancerous Growth Discography CD + DVD (Beer City)
9. Off! – The Wasted Years (Vice Records)
10. Uniform Choice – 1982 Orange Peel Demos 7″ test pressing (Dr Strange Records)


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