The Bliss List – Lolli POP

A good ol’ pop song never lets you down.  Always has and always will be the most relatable genre.  It’s engaging in a broad spectrum way and usually the lyric is a subject that is universally understood.   My tastes vary and I can easily swing from the sublime to the ridiculous when I throw my mp3 on random shuffle,  however,  I still enjoy when the shuffle pulls up the reliable staples.   Like everything in my life,  the pop I enjoy best has a flavour all it’s own.

The Bliss List today celebrates all the lolli in my pop.

Into The Wild – The Modern Hearts


December – Spaceship Days


You And Me Tonight – Lucky Widmore


Wonderful Then –  The Toniks


Easy To Love – The Jezebels


Bliss more natural

share your thoughts and discoveries with me


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