The Bliss List – The Feminine Musique

Because sometimes,  girls knock you on your ass in a good way.   Empowered, unapologetic women with something to say are a true force to be reckoned with.   As a female writer I can assure you it is not always easy to find your voice and say what you want to say when everyone is prepared with the addendum “for a girl” when they give you kudos for your work.   As a female musician,  I have found this to be doubly true if you can do more than sing or strum a few chords.

Props on The Bliss List today for the feminine musique.

The Beaches – Loner

No Small Children – Drunk Creepy Guy

Stonefield – Through The Clover

Dead Disco – You’re Out

The Hot Toddies – Jaguar Love

Bliss more natural

share your thoughts and discoveries with me



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