and now a word from Gidget:

Dearest Woody fans: As music fans unite over the tragedy in Paris I felt it was time we finally say something here at the station. This could have happened anywhere to any band. We stand firmly in prayers with the rest of the world in grief.

We do not grieve only for Paris. We grieve for every country bombed. Every incident where a terrorist has shot or killed a person. We pray and send good thoughts to the world during this crisis. Not just Paris but everywhere and everyone.

Terrorism is not just ISIS but any group of hate that has attacked unprovoked and that we condemn. We do not Condemn any group as whole and we support every survivor in every race, religion, and the like. No group of people is free from the terror. And no group is to blame for the radicals that build inside their group.

We do not tolerate hate at Woody Radio.

We are here and hear for the music.

The recent attack in Paris hit us at Woody. We encourage the listening of good music and going to concerts etc.. The bands involved are bands we play at Woody. Eagles of Death Metal is a fave here at the station. A band in attendance the Deftones is also a fave here. The merchandise guy that was killed has sold merchandise for many bands we play at woody and might have possible be responsible for the many Panic at the Disco shirts Maia one of our DJ’s owns. In fact a lot of us when we go to shows meet the merchandise managers and hang by those back tables.

This could have been any of our fans.

Our station has been played in over 150 countries to many religions and ethnic groups.. Music is not choosy.. Music is to be loved by all. We are not one nationality at Woody.. We are all. We are the listener.

This could have happened in any country and our response would still be the same. Our hearts go out the families of those killed and injured..

We hope that the music still plays and we don’t let the terrorists silence us. Fear lets them win.. So rise up and keep the music playing for the music fans that were lost listening to what they loved. Keep going to concerts. Keep singing outloud. The best revenge is to move forward without fear and hate…

To peace ❤


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