Rusty Von HammerDown’s Top Lucky Seven of 2015

By Rusty Von HammerDown

Well here’s my Top Lucky Seven for the year plus 4 honourable mentions (reissues)
1. Mad Parade – The Fool 7″
2. Bone Crusher – Whiskey Nation/Gotta Revolution 7″
3. Mad Parade – Underground 7″
4. Rectum Of Pain – Dickered, Dinked, And Derelict CD
5. The Erections/Who Killed Spikey Jacket? split 7″ EP
6. Grump – North End Generic 7″ EP
7. Acousma – 2nd EP 7″
Honourable Mentions
1. Wretched – Libero Di Vivere…Libero Di Morire LP
2. Mad Parade – God Bless America LP
3. The Lewd – American Wino LP


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