Ravers Unite/ The Force Awakenz with Our Own DJ TClyde

On December 19th of 2015 Our Own DJ TClyde DJed one of the biggest raves of the year for our area.

Saturday December 19 2015 at The Kitchen BMX Skate Park!
Ravers Unite: The Force Awakenz will be a Star Wars themed party to celebrate the new movie Episode VI
This is for all the kids that don’t have nothin’ to do in The Bend
This is for the old-school ravers that have been DYING for a good opportunity to DANCE!
This will be a good clean show and we will NOT allow any drugs or alcohol!

It is a period of civil war. Rebel Disk Jockeys, dropping beats and cutting like a vorpal blade, have won their first MP3 victory against the vinyl-exclusive Galactic Empire.

During the battle, Rebel drops managed to melt faces with the Promoter’s ultimate weapon, LOG SQUARED BASS, a custom-designed speaker system with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s more-PLUR -than-thou turntable bumps, Rebels enlist the help of the Jedi. This rare breed of warrior uses vinyl platters to control Serato and VDJ programs that can save our people and restore our All-Ages rave scene to www.SouthBend.dj

Shooting a rave with a camera is a touchy subject. 1. there is no lighting others than the ravers fashion lit accessories 2. they move too much.

That being said our own DJ Maia set out to shoot some pretty damn awesome pics.Armed with a study hand and a Nikon D60 she shot over 1700 awesome pictures of people in all forms of raving plus all the DJ’s at this historic event. We’ve picked the best ones to show here.


TClyde’s facebook


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