V-Day by DJ Luna

Valentine’s Day!! I know, most people, don’t want to Hear about that day. I  get  it. Men really hate this day!! But just have a read on my thoughts about V-day. Maybe it will help you. Maybe my words will give you a different perspective. A view that can be used in other parts of your life.

MEN let this list help you on V-Day to make it  easy, fun, romantic and heal the soul. Give this list a chance.

1.Give her breakfast in bed. Put a little table on her side of the bed. Decorate the table with flower petals. Place the tray of food on the table.

2.Cook a romantic dinner. Cook a variety of food that means something special for the two of you. Food that reminds you of wonderful moments.   If you can’t cook then order food from her favorite restaurant and have it delivered. Decorate the table with  candles and flower petals.

3.Keep the kitchen filled with her favorite snacks. Buy a snack kit. A Gift Basket with different snacks that she loves daily.                              

4.Romantic picnic for two in the backyard. Use a projector to display different nature scenery.

5.Cuddle. on a sofa. watch movies. listen to music.

6.Buy  a  massage kit. Give her a daily body rub using her favorite lotion or oil.  

7.Love Notes. Each day, write in a journal about one thing she does, that makes you happy. Use a card or make a card in the shape of a heart and write the daily things . If words are not your talent then use photos from a magazine. Glue them to the card.

8.Thank you letter. Let her know what she does, that makes you want to be a better man.

9.If you can’t be with her, send messages. Text and video messages all day and all night to say how much you love her.

10.Do a chore for her that she hates.

11.Make a list of things that she has trouble doing daily.  Think of ways to solve each problem. Then make a menu of the solutions to her problems. Put the menu in a gift box. 





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