SPARKY’S DINER by Gidget Bates

Other than my friends this might be my most missed sf gem..
We’d get off work very late and head there a,few nights a week..for years..
The food wasn’t great.
The staff all had name tags like hey you and hey miss.
The coffee was well …..
But the mash potatoes..yummy
I paid alot in one dollar bills..
Most like every stripper and bar worker alike. ha..
It was always filled with weirdos..
Some I had sold stuff to earlier that night..
And had to be rude a few times to drunks who insisted I sold them.stuff so they were my new best friend..
Tammy usually never ordered and would eat off everyone’s plates..
I loved the fries..ranch dressing..
The burgers were better at hot and hunky down one block and across market..but sparkys was a staple at 4 am


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