Interview with The Homie of the Decade !!Woodyradio’s number one fan !! Cosmo Topper Super Musician!!


  1. Do you have a Fur Baby that wants to be the president of the USA?  

I have A Fur Baby Butt He wants to be the Resinent of The United Escapes


  1. Are there any Fur Baby friendly music venues in Hollywood California?  

My living Room

     3.Do you hear music in the rain?

Listen… To The Rhythm of The Falling Reign On Me

  1. Does your house sing?

Only When I Squeeze Their Halls


  1. What is the best gift a fan can give a musician?

The Ability to allow the artist to change and grow

and still remain their fan


  1. As a musician what services do you want to provide for your fans?  


We Intend These Tunes To Uplift You
Every Time They’re Played


  1. Have you met a dragon of luck?  


That dragon feels like he’s been draggin a wee bit lately
But that’s about To Turn and face the Change
I did meet The Brother of Daryl  Dragon of Captain & Tennille, his brother was in the surf punks
does that count ?



Contact this amazing musician here


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