Top Albums and Artists of 2016 by DJ MAC and his socks

DJ Mac on WoodyRadio

2016 Top Twenty
Albums of the Year

1.  David Bowie 
2.  Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds  
 The Skeleton Tree
3.  The Mission 
 Another Fall From Grace
4.  New Model Army
5.  MGT 
6.  The Cult
 Hidden City 
7.  Pink Turns Blue
 The AERDT: Untold Stories
8.  Sweet Ermengarde 
 Ex Oblivione
9.  Remain In Light
 Splinters In Arcadia

10. Aeon Sable 

11. Calling All Astronauts 
 Anti-Social Network

12. The March Violets 

13. Swans 
 The Glowing Man 

14. Project Pitchfork 
 Look Up, I'm Down There

15. John Cale 
 Music for a New Society/M:FANS

16. Attrition 
 Two Gods

17. The Fall 
 Wise Ol' Man

18. Covenant 
 The Blinding Dark

19. Legendary Pink Dots 
 Pages of Aquarius

20. Folk Devils 
 Beautiful Monsters

2016 Top Ten 
Independent Bandcamp Artists

1. Black Needle Noise 
with Attasalina (Oslo, Norway)
2. Alpha Six Romeo 
(San Francisco, California)
3. 13-Monsters 
(Chicago, Illinois)
4. Severance 
(Monterrey, Mexico)
5. Last Dusk 
(San José, Costa Rica)
6. Ariel Maniki 
and the Black Halos 
(San José, Costa Rica)
7. Double Eyelid 
(Toronto, Ontario)
8. The Hearse 
(Peterborough, UK)
9. The Death Notes 
(Nottingham, UK)

10. New Party Army 
(Barnsley, UK)

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