One of Woody’s top 3 artists of the decade!!!Say Hello to Brad Cox!! A Music Man




1. What is the spirit animal of your smartphone? 

The spirit animal of my smartphone is likely the jackass. Why? Because that’s all I see on this blasted piece of rubbish – jackassery!

2. Do you taste music in your dreams?

I do taste it and it tastes of strawberry sundaes with strawberry ice cream. I’m essentially a unicorn trapped inside of an adonis – that’s obvious, right?!

3. Do the windows in your house sing to you?

I’m not sure if they are singing to me or simply crying because of what they’re forced to witness – inside and out.

4. Does your dog have a playlist for jogging?

Yes. Biggy Paws has an eccentric palate. His favorites are: The Fat Boys, Lil’ Kim, John Denver, Green Jello and Oasis.

5.What is your favorite color of socks to wear on stage?
Chartreuse or canary yellow…

6. Which actor would you love to have a food fight with while wearing seal suits of velvet?

I would like to have that food fight with Charlize Theron. I adore her. She adores me…and she’s a good sport. It would make my life to put her in seal suit of velvet. So beautiful…

7.Which dude is the best dressed man in Hollywood?
The best dressed man in Hollywood will forever be Superman…he made wearing your underwear outside your pants possible.

But, if we’re being serious here, Christopher Walken…hands down. The man can pull off anything.

8. How many hats do you have?

I have a lot of hats…but, this isn’t a psychological conversation, so I’ll stick to what’s seen. 1 black hat.

9. When you were five what did you want to be?

When I was five…seriously, all joking aside, I wanted to be a marine biologist and raise seals. One day I’ll move to Seal Rescue Ireland and make that kid proud.


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