One Of Woody Radio’s Top Three Artists Of The Past Decade! Hillary Burton

1.Currently you drum for the Pandoras.. (Which is a dream drumming gig). you also have your own band honeychain. If you could guest gig in any band current or past which would it be??playing what???

Well, first off I am super fortunate to be able to play with both honeychain (where I get to sing and play guitar) and The Pandoras, which as you pointed out, is like a dream drumming gig. I not only get to play both guitar and drums in two awesome bands, but also with people I truly adore and am fortunate to know.

In terms of guest gigging in any band I would have loved to play anything with Patsy Cline’s band, heck even a triangle, as just to be in the same room with her would have been amazing.

 2.what new band are you currently enjoying in this last year?

I can’t think of a ‘new’ band. Sorry. But I’ve been re-discovering The Vines and am kinda obsessed with their entire catalogue right now.  Letters to Cleo (one of my fave bands!) had a new release in 2016 ‘Back to Nebraska’ (which is also an amazing song) – everyone should buy it.

3.Your awesome hubby tends to pull a more progressive rock taste in tunage. What band do you both enjoy together?

He has a wide taste in music, and we definitely have distinct differences in terms of what we listen to. Together we will listen to anything from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin to  Luiz Bonfa  to Veruca Salt; we agree on those for sure.

  1. All kids go through a phase where they love something embarrassing..musically or tv wise is there anything you want to admit???

I have impeccable taste, so no. Just kidding. My attention span and TV don’t really work well together. I couldn’t tell you the last show I actually watched a complete episode of. Regarding music, I can’t think of anything I would be embarrassed by, except maybe when I crank up Moves Like Jagger in the car and sing at the top of my lungs. I can’t dance, but if I could, I would totally dance to that song. But, yeah, still not embarrassed.

5.Do you rollerskate?

I grew up with a pair of skates attached to my feet, but these days I prefer my skateboard.

6.Do you dance and sing with arrow the corgi?

I don’t dance. He doesn’t sing.

7.Which is your favorite sushi roll?

Tempura Crunch Roll (or just a good ole plain California Roll).  I’m a boring eater.

  1. At disneyland what is your favorite ride?

It’s a Small World.

  1. you have been recently working with Kim Shattuck. is it hard to not be starstruck as hell?

Every second of every day. Just kidding. We became friends before I truly learned all the amazing things about her that would leave one star struck. She’s one of my fave guitar players, singers, and songwriters, my bandmate, mentor, producer of honeychain’s new record (to be released in 2017),  and super worthy of the admiration that would leave one star struck, but all those things aside, she’s my buddy.

10.what is your favorite flavour of doughnut?

Dang. I haven’t had a donut in FOREVER! Craving one now, thank you very much!!! Hmmm….maple bar or, wait for it…..PLAIN. Told you I was a boring eater. there a film you can watch over and over and never be sick of it?

GREASE’ve gotten to do alot of traveling of late.. what destination has had the friendliest and worst residents?

Most places we (The Pandoras) toured in Europe, eight different Countries over 13 days, had awesome and friendly folks. Plus playing in the Midwest was a treat as well, and I met some super cool people.

Worst: There was a girl in Paris I wasn’t a fan of.

  1. Gidget goes to visit you.. where do you take her?

Farrell’s. Duh! a huge guilty pleasure that would surprise us?

I can’t really survive without a bubble bath nearly every night. I try to force my brain to relax for at least a few minutes.

15.could you live in a tiny home?

Yes and no. Less stuff sounds awesome. But more guitars, amps and drums sounds more awesome.

16.zombies, vampires ,robots, aliens or legos, which scares you the most?

Zombie Legos

  1. what would you like to see trend in 2017?

Less chatter, more action fueled by good intentions and open-minds.



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