DJ Luna loves music. She wants to eat music. Sleep music. Wear music. Music makes her happy. 1.You have … More

Meet the DJ Gidget

DJ gidget just is….. 1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go? I’d go home(cali) alot..friends … More


  Responsible. Sweet. Dependable. Determined. Patient. Ambitious. Resourceful. Loyal. Tim is a hard working Badass!! Always ready to help all … More

Meet Dj Sean Velour

DJ Velour has been with us since year one. Starting around the same time as Ghy. He was a friend … More

Meet Dj Mac

Mac is a godsend to Gidge. When he joined the station it was like he had always been here.Quickly using … More

Meet DJ Loki

Amanda/Loki has been with us since the one point owning the station with Gidget then Boris.. Although currently on … More

Meet DJ Glenn

DJ Glenn was at Gidget’s first ever radio show.. A year later he joined up ..A friend of Gidge’s in … More