January 6 2007 Woody Wood opened a website he called Canadian Music rocks.

Within a month he had one dj. DJ Dave Foxx.. The DJ Joel Lightman. Then some dude named Grumpy then me DJ Gidget.. I added DJ Loki and the rest is history.

I’m not gonna go into all the DJ’s and the name change.. I’m just gonna say the last ten years has changed everyone involved and it has been a hell of a ride. good and bad.. We are here for you the listener and we are happy to take you on this musical journey with us.

In choosing the top artists I chose three that have been with us in one incarnation or another.

And one very special award.. Homie of the decade.

Our top three have been with in since the beginning Brad Elvis was played on the very first live broadcast. and Brad Cox and Hillary were played on my first show. I used the criteria that all three must still be played regularly and they are. and they support us and are really awesome people..

Homie though is even more special

Cosmo Topper was at my very first ever show and been my number one fan.. He also has the uncanny fame of being on that first ever Dave Foxx broadcast. he has given us interviews weekly been part of the shows in general and plays with more bands than anyone I know. He truly is our biggest supporter and then some!

We are happy to have him along on our ride.


Stay tuned here all week as we post surprises and stuff pertaining to the last ten years!!! and thank you all for your support !!

xo Gidget






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