Meet DJ Dick Rossetti

Gidget used to listen to DJ Dick on a station owned by corporate slugs in Seattle. she added him on FB after leaving Seattle and would stalk him a bit and bug him with emails telling him how cool he was.she also played a bit of his music.twink the wonder kid is awesome!.  this last fall he approached Gidge about doing something for radio that matters… us.. and we let him.. and we are soo happy we did.. he fits in perfectly and loves cats..


1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go?


2. When you were 11 what did you want to be?

A man

3. Lunch with any person younger than you, who would it be and why?

None…we aren’t interested in the same shit

4. What skill would you love to learn instantly?

Writing code, for financial reasons only

5. Which person makes you feel smart?

Me…I have to live w/ myself

6. Which person makes you feel sexy?

Bob Guccione Jr

7. Which person makes you feel loved?


8. Which person makes you want to eat food?

Ron McDonald

9. Which person makes you want to smile?

All my cats

10. Do books make you cry?

Yeah, when they suck

11. Do TV shows make you cry?

Fox News

12. Do movies make you cry?

Used to

13. Do sunsets make you cry?

I wish

14. Do you remember your sleeping dreams?

Yes, the bad ones, they can ruin entire days

15. What part of your personality is most undervalued?

My sizable rig

16. You and The Queen of Woody Radio are on a date, what are you eating ?

A mothers worm!

17. You have a beautiful singing voice, an audience of 1,000 people, which song do you sing?

People by Barbra Streisand



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