Meet DJ PrincessMaiaLeia

Maia comes to us Via the queen herself. yes pure nepotism. She started dj ing on her 13th birthday with a few of her friends. Now at 22 she fills in when she can and we all miss her weekly radio shows . She took her shows to college for a bit where she managed the college radio station.. then back to us.

1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go?

To every place i have ever wanted to visit. But ill always come back to do my classes, but mostly England and into evryconcert i want to see this year

2. When you were 11 what did you want to be?

Cryogenic engineer

3. Lunch with any person younger than you, who would it be and why?

Thats hard i already am young ummm my best friend Salwa so i can see her

4. What skill would you love to learn instantly?

The ability to speak and understand diffrent languages

5. Which person makes you feel smart?

My mom

6. Which person makes you feel sexy?


7. Which person makes you feel loved?

My Boyfriend

8. Which person makes you want to eat food?

Everyone i love food

9. Which person makes you want to smile?

No one i always just smile

10. Do books make you cry?

Yes dont they for eveyone

11. Do TV shows make you cry?

Of course

12. Do movies make you cry?

Of course

13. Do sunsets make you cry?


14. Do you remember your sleeping dreams?


15. What part of your personality is most undervalued?

My caring nature

16. You and The Queen of Woody Radio are on a date, what are you eating ?

Well she already takes me on lunch dates but that because i am her daughter so prolly more breakfast food

17. You have a beautiful singing voice, an audience of 1,000 people, which song do you sing?

Prettiest Star by David Bowie


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