Meet Dj Sean Velour

DJ Velour has been with us since year one. Starting around the same time as Ghy. He was a friend of the Gidge’s back in the old days of SF and she dragged him and his musical taste over to CMR as the need for his knowledge of all things glam was strong. May his love of Velour last long with the station…


1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go?

I would go 1000 years to LA of the future

2. When you were 11 what did you want to be?

A rock star

3. Lunch with any person younger than you, who would it be and why?

My daughter because I love her

4. What skill would you love to learn instantly?


5. Which person makes you feel smart?


6. Which person makes you feel sexy?


7. Which person makes you feel loved?


8. Which person makes you want to eat food?


9. Which person makes you want to smile?

My friend Janet Housden

10. Do books make you cry?


11. Do TV shows make you cry?


12. Do movies make you cry?

God yes

13. Do sunsets make you cry?

Not really

14. Do you remember your sleeping dreams?

Some days, and I wish I hadn’t

16. You and The Queen of Woody Radio are on a date, what are you eating ?

we’re not, we’re sitting in the car talking

17. You have a beautiful singing voice, an audience of 1,000 people, which song do you sing? Ave Maria


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