Meet the DJ Gidget

DJ gidget just is…..

1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go?

I’d go home(cali) alot..friends and family need me and vice versa.I’d love to see Greece and disneyworld. sometimes i’d use it just to take an hour break out at my fave location to shoot pics in Illinois


2. When you were 11 what did you want to be?

a writer.. i wanted to write book that people carried with them everywhere.


3. Lunch with any person younger than you, who would it be and why?

not big on younger people. I have lunch with maia alot..I have a few friends who are younger who need me lately.. that would be nice..


4. What skill would you love to learn instantly?


no really maybe the art of getting stuff done.


5. Which person makes you feel smart?

no one really the world is smarter than me.. well ok the dog.. the dog is sorta special

6. Which person makes you feel sexy?

i’m 49 i am soo past sexy.. i’m happy to be cute though:)

7. Which person makes you feel loved?

all of my children. and i have friends who remind me and tell me i am loved in case i forget.

8. Which person makes you want to eat food?

my mother in law makes awesome food and sends me leftovers alot.. yummy..anyone who sends me cookies and donuts.. yes please..

9. Which person makes you want to smile?

i have worked very hard at resting bitch face.why ruin it by curving my mouth up…

10. Do books make you cry?

all the time

11. Do TV shows make you cry?

i am not a big fan of tv but when i do watch i get emotionally involved.. so yes I cry. i still cry when i think of that asshole Chuck on saul.. fuck him…

12. Do movies make you cry?

all the time

13. Do sunsets make you cry?

not really.. i love them and i am in awe.. but i’m too in love with them too cry.. i am too busy wishing on them.

14. Do you remember your sleeping dreams?

more times than i need to.but last night(in my dream) i kissed someone and i had bad breathe and felt bad and i have no clue who the person was..

15. What part of your personality is most undervalued?

all of it.

16. You and The Queen of Woody Radio are on a date, what are you eating ?

i love third person dates.. we are having coffee and donuts

17. You have a beautiful singing voice, an audience of 1,000 people, which song do you sing?

“I’m going to go back there someday”


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