Meet TClyde

Nepotism to the nth degree here..Not only is TClyde a popular midwest EMD DJ he is also the boyfriend of the Queen's daughter..And the fact he shares a birthday with the queen makes him very "special" indeed. We love Tclyde at Woody!   1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go? … Continue reading Meet TClyde

Meet Rusty Von Hammerdown

Our darling magic Rusty is on leave now but we hope he returns soon cause we just adore him and I swear we are all recipients of the pot of gold! He has been around so long as a chatter than DJ I really have no idea when he showed up.. He was just there:) … Continue reading Meet Rusty Von Hammerdown

Meet the “Secret Weapon” AKA “Boris” Yes, he does exist!

The 'Secret Weapon' started as a side thing on Gidget's show and then grew and surpassed hers in volume and talent alone. It is now on more than any other show here at the station. Very few people realize it really is a person, and he really does pick all the music it plays from … Continue reading Meet the “Secret Weapon” AKA “Boris” Yes, he does exist!