Meet TClyde

Nepotism to the nth degree here..Not only is TClyde a popular midwest EMD DJ he is also the boyfriend of the Queen’s daughter..And the fact he shares a birthday with the queen makes him very “special” indeed. We love Tclyde at Woody!


1.You have a teleportation machine for one year, where would you go?

I would go to Tokyo and have someone make me another, so Id end up staying there

2. When you were 11 what did you want to be?

. A traveling musician

3. Lunch with any person younger than you, who would it be and why?

My younger brother

4. What skill would you love to learn instantly?

Business marketing

5. Which person makes you feel smart?

None, I am the dumb one

6. Which person makes you feel sexy?

That person in the mirror

7. Which person makes you feel loved?

My catholic priest

8. Which person makes you want to eat food?

Every girl on facebook

9. Which person makes you want to smile?

My best friend

10. Do books make you cry?

How do you cry from a book?

11. Do TV shows make you cry?

Pawnstars j/k

12. Do movies make you cry?


13. Do sunsets make you cry?

Nope they dont, enough about being emo

14. Do you remember your sleeping dreams?

Very vividly

15. What part of your personality is most undervalued?

My ego

16. You and The Queen of Woody Radio are on a date, what are you eating ?

Salted Carmel Corn

17. You have a beautiful singing voice, an audience of 1,000 people, which song do you sing?

Entombent of a Machine – Job For a Cowboy


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