DJs on DJs/ DJ Blasphemy on DJ Mac


I consider myself lucky to be appointed Mac Stewart for my paragraph: What can I say to accurately describe the force of nature that is DJ Mac? Of all the DJs that I have had the pleasure of conversing with, DJ Mac has been the one that has been most helpful to my “evolution” as a DJ. Having the luxury of playing a show right before him for about a year has given me a lot of opportunities to pick at his brain as to how I could improve. To the point, Mac always said “do what you want.” As I thought about that statement, I’ve come to realize that Mac truly is the embodiment of what that means. As you know, Mac has multiple shows and each vary in material. Although Mac doesn’t play metal like I do, he is well aware of the genre and has even contacted me to ask if I knew of a few that he liked. It’s refreshing to know that there are still DJs out there like Mac who doesn’t pigeonhole himself into one genre (like I have for a long time) and run the risk of becoming stale. Mac’s knowledge of all things music is a benefit to Woody Radio as well as his ability to speak with all different walks of life here not to mention his candor. Mac tells it like it is and for me, that’s a damn good attribute. Since my time here at Woody, I’ve learned about Mac’s time spent in the UK, how he is quick to remind us all just how “old” he is (our constant weather conversations may enforce that), and that Boston truly is a foreign country…especially where he lives. Mac is an absolute treasure and I’m quite certain that as long as there is a Woody Radio, there will be a DJ Mac.


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