DJ Dick Rossetti does banging interviews

When I got in radio all I wanted was an interview w/ Noel Gallagher of Oasis & Noddy Holder from Slade…those never materialized, but the partial list below did…

posted w/o judgement, I was lucky enough to get face to face time with these “legendary movers & shakers in the entertainment industry?”)

dude from chevelle
2 dudes from 9 black alps!!
shifty shellshock from crazy town!!
“cone” from sum 41!!
“head” from korn!!
Art from everclear!!
dudes from moth!!
dudes from lit!!
dude from nickleback!!
dude from papa roach!!
grump guy from interpol!! 3x!!
joel & benji from good charlotte!!
dude from 3 doors down!!
dude from deftones!!
dude from boxcar racer!!
dude from blink 182!!
dudes from linkin park!!
fred durst!!
cisco mortis the gardener!!
dude from something corporate!!
dudes from plain white t’s!!
dude from POD!!
dashboard confessional hunk!!
2 guys from panic at the disco!!
that tall guy, “custom”!!
the brother/sister who started drive thru records!!
little kid from seether who wanted to be kurdt kobain!!
dude from she wants revenge!!
dude from keane!!
“Punxsutawney Phil” (a real groundhog!)
ex-seahawk kicker josh brown!!

(mind you, I had some wonderful visits with blur, strokes, beasties, beck, qotsa, joan jett, eodm, garbage, jack white)


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