THE TOPPER Returns For More Interview Fun




Do you practice martial arts with your friends?

when we’re Jammin to Kung Foo Fighting & We’re Fast As Lightning


Have you watched The Biscotti Kid ? 

I watched Billy The I Kid


Did you have a phone conversation with the Easter Bunny recently?

I had a dream & then I Danced That Dream Awake
& in the Dream Bugs  & A Playboy Bunny were arguing about which bunny would be better to represent


Do you have a Jell-O Dance?

I got ants in my pants and I need to dance
now some hot mama please give me a chance !
Hit Me
Jell-O yo


Is a little bird following you? 

This little bird


Are your socks watching Into The Badlands on AMC? 

I sock it To Springsteen’s Badlands all the time


Does your garden glow? 

Where? Where Does Your Garden Grow! & I Can Hear The Grass Grow By The Move


Does bread make a good pillow? 

The Band Bread Make For Great Pillow Music

When You’re Baked -/-


What do you put in your water?

Go. Ask. Alice.
Water You  !

Thinking ^


Does your sofa love cranberries?

My Sofa Digs THE Cranberries


What do rainbows teach you? 

Rainbows Teach Me Inclusion
A Sense of A Higher Purpose of Porpoises

We’ll Leave The Inner Light On For Ya”

Like a Motel 6 Radio  Add
Pure Fast Vibration at a Green T-Party


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