My Dinner with Johnny Pi

Last night I had the pleasure to sit down and interview Johnny Pisano, who is not only the go-to bass player in NYC, but also a friend. We chose a great little pizza joint with an imported brick oven that serves terrific Neapolitan style pizza. This may be a trivial detail to some, but it’s serious business to this Brooklyn NY native. So serious, in fact, that he named his first solo project to honor his passion for authentic pizza done right.

Johnny Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria “Everybody Gets a Slice” is the culmination of years of touring and getting to work up close and personal with some of the most admired names in music. He has put together a collection of songs that are fun and catchy. There are a few moments of introspection, but that doesn’t slow down the freight train that is Johnny Pi as a front man. This may not be traditional Punk rock, but the attitude is there, and he has something to say, even when his tongue is planted firmly in cheek.

Listen to my interview when it airs Wednesday April 19th at 10 PM Eastern or archived on Mixcloud after that. There you will hear a man who loves what he does, is passionate about it, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He’s also a pretty good storyteller who has a good head for the details.

Johnny produced this album independently with the help of a PledgeMusic campaign. The CD, downloads, and other Johnny Pi merchandise are available through:

My interview with Johnny Pisano is now available on demand:

Written by Kim Olin, Photograph by Christina Arrigoni


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