Pacify Your Soul with Jody Porter



1.    Do you enjoy interviews best when they are in person, such as at a radio station or ?

I don’t mind doing phoners or on line interviews. For twenty years on tour I was used to a full day of promo stuff, an in store performance then a gig all in the same day.

2. What does creating music teach you?

With each album I’ve made I have learned to get what I’m going for quickly rather than trying to beat the clock. It doesn’t feel like trial and error that needs to be labored over to get what I’m hearing. I suppose that’s from getting to know how to use the studio as an instrument. I still enjoy giving the performances a chance to breathe as some unplanned happy accidents often come from it.

3.Should parents encourage their kids to learn how to play instruments?

If the kids want to they should. The whole thing about keeping music in schools is a good idea. Makes more sense than religion and what kid wouldn’t rather sit through a music class than a maths class? It was like recess to me but I learned more after school listening to and learning records I liked.

4.Do fans expect more from your music as you get older?

I’d like to think so and there’s a contingent that want to hear something new which I feel is important. Although a lot of people just wanted to hear bits of the catalogue, I think with fountains we were able to balance that with a few surprises. We’d been playing so long that we could work up a song we’d never played in soundcheck and play it that nite as to keep it fresh for ourselves and core fans. I’ve always been cognizant not to do the same set twice. That way no one feels like it’s a Vegas act.

5. Is there a place you want to perform at that most people think is weird?

A female correctional facility. Is that weird?

6.What is a recent problem that you thought would be difficult to fix however it became easy to fix?

Getting things to sound analogue with digital technology. I kind of thought back when cds replaced vinyl it was a fad, then pro tools came a long which I thought would be an interruption like 8 track tapes. There have been some major advances though. But if there’s a 2 inch tape machine we’re rolling tape because I’m a purist. Obviously it wasn’t me fixing the digital recording era but some folks have done a good job making it sound better. It’s the industry standard and I know a lot of heavy engineers that admit it’s hard to tell the difference.

7. Which person would you love to interview?

I’d like to interview God and Charo at the same time. Maybe she could bring her guitar.

8.Have you been to a music festival?

Involuntarily as a spectator but I’ve played almost all of them all over the world starting at Reading ’91 w my band prior to FOW. Fuji rock in Japan and V festivals being among my favorites to play. I really don’t like crowds so I only attend as a performer.



9.If you could create a music festival which bands, food, art and play areas would be there? 

Long haired bands with guitars. MDMA for food. Art as it happens and an oxygen tent.

10.Why do venues not cater to people that are 30 and older?

I think they cater too much. Over the last few years I’ve left enough deli and veggie trays to feed a portion of Ethiopia. Always took the booze to the bus though.

11.Should more venues have shows that start early, such as a breakfast show or a lunch show, for people that have to work or sleep at night?

It’d certainly be a novel idea but I sleep during the day. You should ask Neil Sedaka that one.

Jody’s new album “Pacifier” is available at

Jody Porter on CDBaby

Interview by Meshell Luna with help from Patricia Rodriguez



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