He Fell On Black Days. RIP Chris Cornell


by Gidget Bates

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep. Not at all. Anxiety like crazy. mixture of air. so, this morning all I wanted to do was go back to bed after putting my kid on the bus for school.

I sat in bed with my phone and read the news. I was devastated. This can’t be true. but no, it was.

I never heard a bad thing about this man.

I told stories on air about him. How his hair whipped like a giant spinning Yoyo when he sang. The amount of intensity that made him a Rockstar. To me bigger than Kurt Cobian.

We lost a hero today.

I’m numb. I feel as if we live in an alternate universe where all our idols are slowly floating away. This parallel sliding universe has no Cromags yet it has nothing good anymore.

David Bowie’s crotch truly did control our world and this is not our world anymore.

I’ve lost way too many people I love to suicide.

One was a huge Soundgarden fan as was I. The day Kurt Cobain died I called Gene and said to him the news. He said lucky guy. a dozen years later he jumped from a bridge. His ex-wife, my best friend tammy, died a few years after that. My concert buddies. my besties. Each Rockstar we lose takes a part of my memories with them away.

They say publicly mourning celebrities is rude to the people losing real loved ones.

Not true. I have a best friend dying right now. this doesn’t take away from that it just reminds me how sad life is.

I sat in the ninth row of gathering of the tribes with Gene. Tammy didn’t want to go but changed her mind so she was out on the lawn. cheapskate. but during the day and not during Soundgarden we would let her sit with one of us on a trade. Soundgarden opened for Public Enemy. who was not listed on the bill for security reasons. This might have been the first big arena show they did in 1990.

I knew it was history in the making as we loudly sang along to “Big Dumb Fuck”

There isn’t anything I can say different than anyone else writing today.

So, I urge you all with suicidal thoughts to come to chat and let us help you. call a suicide hotline. call your local radio station. just don’t do it.

I leave you with my post from 7 something this morning on my Facebook. And a few other’s I stole throughout the morning because they were beautifully said.

“Years ago, maybe 88 or 89 my friend Betz dragged me to see soundgarden at the stone in San Francisco. With Voivod even.
Soon after I saw them open for a band called out of the ashes of mother love bone. At the I-beam. that band went on to be pearl jam and that show was a night I wrote about called changing the tone of music.it was an industry event. Music was never the same. I saw them at least a dozen or 2 mote times. Hated pearl jam.
The best was of course either lollapalooza or gathering of tribes…9th row with gene and me singing I wanna fuck fuck fuck you.
We had no clue how big they’d get. We just loved them.
In the movie pacific heights, there is an amazing scene set to the video if hands all over. Not even famous yet. I can’t even hear the song without seeing ‘Michael Keaton with a bat.
My daughter had her first rock dude crush on him. And all dudes that looked like him. She was raised on soundgarten in the womb. Even the dude in Seattle at the keg we ate at looked like him and Maia adored him.
In Seattle we saw him and never bugged him. He had a rep of being an awesome dude. But in Seattle you let the rock stars be.
I play his cover of nothing compares to you a lot on my show. And I drive singing big dumb fuck a lot..
He was truly one of the best rock stars in my direct generation..
I am fucking devastated..
There are only a few bands I was there in the beginning I saw live that I listen too as much as then.
I listened to superunknown yesterday..
I’ve been to the real soundgarden as a giddy fan girl..
He had such amazing hair..
His voice was one in a million…
It’s an era of my life gone now..
Memories of fave shows live..
Sad face
Go listen to outshined…trust me..
One of the best”

From Brad Cox:

Brad Cox

8 hrs ·

Some deaths surprise us…some rip out our hearts. This won is the latter. RIP Chris Cornell, you’ll truly be missed. You were a true talent and inspiration to me

This song, in particular, wormed into my teenage heart and refused to leave. Many a night I’d drive around singing this tune and wellin’ up. Then, for entirely different reasons.

This is not a good day.

Chris Cornell – Call Me a Dog (Acoustic)

From Justin King of Open your eyes

Justin King

8 hrs ·

RIP Chris Cornell. It was an honor opening up for you in Milwaukee when I was 17 and a luxury to catch 2 Soundgarden sets in my life. Rest easy dude

Tony Hawk

3 hrs ·

We were traveling with Soundgarden during Big Day Out tour a few years ago. We watched them almost every night after our skate demos, and Chris Cornell gave his all at every show. During one groggy morning of flying across Australia, I asked him to say something to our friend Dylan back home, who is a diehard fan of all his work. He politely obliged, even though it wasn’t the best time for such a thing. But this moment is how I remember him; kind-hearted, giving, appreciative of fans and lending his incredible voice to us in the best ways possible. Goodbye Chris, we’ll miss you too.

Ace Annese

1 hr ·

Death by suicide. *sigh* He had everything to live for. He also had a wife and children, a band on tour, and a solo career aside from being in one of the most important/influential bands of the last 30 years. It shows the power of depression, and also how we need to recognize and treat it.

Teena Murphy

2 hrs · Nassau County, NY ·

Thinking about Chris Cornell – Superunknown had such mood and intensity it was so beyond being labeled grunge – this is a solo moment and his voice still soared – RIP

Chris Cornell-“The Day I Tried to Live”

Tony Iommi

3 hrs ·

Chris Cornell gone at 52, what a waste. One of my favourite singers and a lovely person, we played many shows together and he’d always be cheerful and upbeat, this news came as a complete shock.

Christian Moya

4 hrs ·

Wow, KTLA reported that singer Chris Cornell performed last night. His last song was a Led Zeppelin cover that has the lyrics “In my time of dying, I want nobody to morn.” A couple hours later he was found dead. He had a great voice. RIP.

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