Chris Cornell by DJ LUNA

The memories I have of the band Soundgarden are from my room. A teen going nowhere fast.  Terrible physical health. No money.  No help. No people with an open heart.  The one amazing blessing I did have was music. Listening to music allowed my mind to  focus on a future filled with things of love and opulence for myself. Music always pushed away whatever any cold-hearted person had to say about my dreams.

The 1990s rock music gave me more unconditional love and powerful inspiration than most of the people I have met.  It gave me the strength to be bold or as some people callded it FREAK. It showed me Grace Under Pressure. To get on stage and do your thing, share your heart, while a gigantic crowd of people, stare, bully, scream and throw bottles at you.

I watched Soundgarden on TV.  Lead singer Chris Cornell was filled with Grace Under Pressure. He was healing and majestic . He had the magic of a unicorn. The powerful energy of a lion. His voice was a marvel of Mother Nature. It seemed like a daydream. How could one person have a voice so rocking and at the same time soothing? A voice that could reach your dark fears and light a path to the desire of your heart.



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