Manfred And Ghost Granny





Welcome to Midnight, Texas. Midnight is a town filled with a variety of life, spooky beings, people with special abilities, vampires, witches, biker gangs, guns-for-hire and surprise of wonderful plenty.   The people of town live in anger, heartbreak, murder, lies, lust. They have an eventful life while doing normal daily living in a small quiet town. A town which they want to keep quiet.

Lead character Manfred Bernardo looks like Rockstar Chris Cornell. The scenes have an electrifying life when the camera is on him. Manfred is a medium. His charm of  mysterious dark playful naughty energy is gifted by the acting skills of François Arnaud. The ghosts that visit him are very detailed in appearance and each have a rich personality. His grandma Xylda, brought to life by the actress Joanne Camp, was a person of cons. She now enjoys chatting with her grandson as a ghost.  Xylda has a fun lively personality. Manfred carries on the money making cons. He is on the run in an RV of vintage age. Midnight, Texas is the place he decides to rest for a bit. A wonderful variety of music enhances the emotions of the show.


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