MK Ultra Interview

MK Ultra

1. Do you write music, lyrics, in your dreams?

It’s actually hard for me to fall asleep as my mind is always filled with visions, music and lyrics. I have really dark dreams as well. A lot of near death experiences in my dreams.

So I will wake up freaked out in the middle of the night or day and write it down. I’m always on an emotional overload that I overdose on and put into the music.

2. Is music the most exciting creation that you make?

I look at music as the most powerful piece of art if it’s done right. I like to paint pictures with lyrics, sounds and imagery.

3. Does your music feel like your baby?

My music is like a sick baby that makes me feel better.

4. Do you send music thought songs or sounds from your mind to the minds of other people?

Songs usually come to me in full form unless I’m writing with my producer Monark from scratch. The music video comes with the song. The songs come to me like a short movie.

5. Which bands or types of music have inspired you the most to create music?

Anyone who takes a chance really. I don’t see that much anymore. Nine Inch Nails inspires me the most because he uses a ton of different musical elements.

I listen to every type of music you can think of. I never say, “I want to write a song like them.” I mix them together.

6. Do you get inspiration to write music from things that are not related to music?

Yeah, I basically put my life on display. So my music is me.

7. What would you like to ask your fans?

How are you so amazing?

The most recent single, It’s Only Killing, from the new album ¬†Generation Dead. Official release date October 31st.


MK Ultra’s social networks:

Snapchat: MKUltra_Band

Vine: MKUltra_Band


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