Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #6, 1/2/2018

DjMikeWoodyRadio2018. It has a nice ring to it. After having not been on the air since last year, I was itching to get back on, so I did my sixth Woody Radio show on the night of January 2.

We featured some brand new for 2018 music from The Bottle Kids–a great power pop band based in Paris, France (!) and Berkeley, CA. Look for their new album, “Let Me In On This Action”, to be burning up playlists everywhere in 2018. In addition, I played an old favorite, “Drive Somewhere”, by The Vulgar Boatmen, and told a tale of what I like to call “Musical E.S.P.”, to lead into it. That still gives me chills, of the good kind, to this day.

So here’s the thing. I was able to squeeze 48 songs into a show that ran 3 hours and 15 minutes long. Woody Radio is completely commercial-free, and we DJs get to program whatever music we want to hear. I kind of do the show on the fly. I’ll start with many dozens of songs on my short list, stuff that I think I might want to play for you that evening. I’ve got easy accesss to thousands more songs. As the evening progresses, I choose one song at a time–whatever I think would sound good after the song that’s currently playing. Or I might try to evoke a certain mood. Or thematically connect the songs together. Last night, DJ Gidget was hanging out in the chat room, using the nickname of “Red Dwarfed Queen”. So it occurred to me that The Corner Laughers have a song called “The Red Queen”, and since it was available at my fingertips, I was able to put that one on and have some fun with it.

Live radio. There’s nothing like it. And Woody Radio. There’s nothing like it either. Check out the fantastic programs produced by my amazing colleagues at Woody Radio. You’d be hard pressed to find a finer group of DJs.

Here’s the playlist from Show #6. Enjoy the audio, and Happy New Year 2018!

Artist | Song | Album
The Beat Farmers | California Kid | Tales Of The New West
The Bottle Kids | Let Me In On This Action | Let Me In On This Action
Frank Black | Old Black Dawning | Frank Black
My Little Hum | Rise Over Run | Remembering Houses
The Big I Am | Tongue Tied | The Big I Am
Allen | Black Widow | Allen Simple Things
Jimmy Catlett | Red, White and Black | Waiting To Fall Off The Earth
Nick Heyward | The Goodbye Man | The Apple Bed
Ruby Free | Owe To The Man | Shades
Lannie Flowers | James Bond Theme | Songs. Bond Songs: The Music Of 007
R.E.M. | The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite | Automatic For The People
Liz Phair | Divorce Song | Exile in Guyville
Bellygunner | Negative Kid | Machine Gun Built For Two
The Corner Laughers | Fairytale Tourist | Matilda Effect
Belly | Red | King
Kevin Seconds | The Elements And You | Don’t Let Me Lose Ya
Jackson Browne | Rock Me On The Water | Saturate Before Using
NRBQ | Over Your Head | You Gotta Be Loose
Poplord | Death | Poplord vs The Universe
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | If You See Kay | Make It Be
OMC | Right On | How Bizarre
Olivia Mancini & The Mates | Get Real Low | You Can See The Mountains From Here
Jefferson Airplane | Volunteers (Live Woodstock Version with additional stage dialogue) | Woodstock Music From The Original Soundtrack And More, Vol. 1
Mike Levy | New Day | Fireflies
Three Minute Tease | Love Is Onion | Three Minute Tease
Lisa Said | Some Dudes | Estranged
Allyson Seconds | Little World | Little World
Chris Church | Be My Nuisance | Limitations Of Source Tape
Los Lobos | Reva’s House | Kiko
The Welcome Matt | My Town | More Empire Days
Kat Jones | One More Second Chance | La Rosa, La Calavera
Duncan Faure | In The Right Place | Anthology
Corner Laughers | The Red Queen | Tomb of Leopards
Jules Shear | Listen To What She Says | Healing Bones
The Mysteries of Life | Bad Advice | Bad Advice
John Hiatt | Something Wild | Perfectly Good Guitar
Kyro (with Lindy LaFontaine) | This Too, In Time, Shall Pass | Stereo Mix w/Bass track
Plasticsoul | The Girl of Many Tribes | Therapy
Luna | Chinatown | 3 Stories
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Up All Night | Twitch!
Matt North | Come Here Go Away | Above Ground Fools
The Vulgar Boatmen | Drive Somewhere | You and Your Sister (remastered)
Leonty / Rose Reiter | Inside | Single release
Juliana Hatfield | Running Out | Bed
John Entwistle | I Wonder | Thunderfingers: The Best of John Entwistle
Felsen | Felsen’s Gonna Save You | Breaking Up With Loneliness
Jeff Merchant | Love Yourself Away | City Makes No Sound
Sarah Stanley | When I Lose My Heart | Tuesday Girl


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