Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #7, 1/16/2018

DjMikeWoodyRadioThis show comes on the heels of a little weekend trip to Fresno, CA, just a few hours south of where I sit in Sacramento. I know what you’re thinking–Fresno is probably a big blank to you, because unless you’re from here, you’ve probably barely heard of it, and don’t know a thing about it. Well, it’s a medium-sized city that sits smack dab in the middle of California, and even driving through it, you’d probably think it’s fairly nondescript, without much to recommend it. Well there’s a reason for that–in Fresno, the wise residents don’t put the good stuff right off the freeway–you have to dig in a bit to find it. And what Fresno has, is a really great arts and music scene (also really good food, but that’s another radio show entirely!).

Each January, there is a benefit show for the Fresno chapter of Food Not Bombs–a really great organization that feeds homeless people regularly. And Blake Jones of The Trike Shop puts together the music for this benefit. We thought we’d sneak into Fresno undetected, and catch the show. That was the best decision we’d made in quite some time. This year’s edition featured The Trike Shop from Fresno, Anton Barbeau from Berlin (by way of Sacramento), and The John Clifton Blues Band, an amazing blues outfit that turned in a fiery performance. Well, tonight’s radio show featured an old song from the Trike Shop, a new song from Anton Barbeau, and a great John Prine cover by Terry Barnes, a Fresno musician that Blake introduced me to on the night of the benefit.

All in all, the Fresno show was a success, and we headed back up the road to Sacramento basking in the warm afterglow of good music, good friends, and knowing that people out there are making a difference.

Not only did we hear some of the Fresno greatness on this week’s show, we also threw it way back to the Madchester era with the Stone Roses, the alternative era with Liz Phair and Juliana Hatfield, and played tons of current indie and not-so-indie tracks. Enjoy the show! And enjoy the shows put on for you by all the other great Woody Radio DJs as well.

Artist | Song | Album
The Stone Roses | She Bangs The Drums | The Stone Roses [UK]
Anton Barbeau | Magazine Street | Natural Causes
Ass Ponys | Little Bastard | Little Bastard
The Clash | Junkie Slip | Sandinista
Bikeride | Endless PCH | Summer Winners, Summer Losers
Juliana Hatfield | Everybody Loves Me But You | Hey Babe
Richard Turgeon | Frostbites | In Between the Spaces
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Going Back To Work Tomorrow | Waving Kissyhead, Vol 2 & 1
Bettie Serveert | Palomine | Palomine
Bay City Rollers | Turn On The Radio (Single Version) | Bay City Rollers: The Definitive Collection
Robert Batley | Small Potatoes | Single release
Heiskell | Still Life With Broken Heart | Emotional Terrorism
Timbuk 3 | Sunshine | Big Shot In The Dark
Jody Porter | By Your Side | Pacifier
Liz Phair | 6’1″ | Exile in Guyville
The Britannicas | This Charming Man | Single release
Big Head Todd & The Monsters | Greyhound | Strategem
The Undecided By Default | Object Of My Desire | Totally Undecided
Edward Rogers | Bright Star | Glass Marbles
Gail George | Delaney James | Bloom
Elvis Costello | Daddy Can I Turn This? | When I Was Cruel
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Sun Up | The Underground Garden
Frank Black | Speedy Marie | Teenager Of The Year
The EP’s | Don’t Be A Girl About It | Chuck
Maxi Dunn | Meteor Shower | Edmund & Leo
Devo | Space Junk | Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
Rob Martinez | Love Life | New Love Environment
Syd Straw | Future 40’s (String Of Pearls) | Surprise
Chris Church | Understudy Blues | Limitations Of Source Tape
The Scratch | Teen Idol | Mad Dogs and Englishness
Sunshine Boys | Billy Boy | Single release
The Corner Laughers | (Now That I Have You I’m) Bored | Poppy Seeds
Ultra Vivid Scene | Candida | Rev
The Cherry Bluestorms | As Above So Below | Bad Penny Opera
NRBQ | Get A Grip | Scraps
Lisa Mychols | The Man With The Golden Gun | Songs. Bond Songs: The Music Of 007
Felsen | Blood Orange Moon | Blood Orange Moon
The American Professionals | The Story | Sympathetic Overdrive
Banjo Bones | Your Medicine Is Bad | Cowboy Dreams
Nick Lowe | Dose Of You | Labour of Lust
Lindy LaFontaine | I Might Not Love You | Single release
The Taters | Goodbye Girl | Taters Party
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Up All Night | Twitch!
The Welcome Matt | My Town | More Empire Days
Terry Barnes | Angel From Montgomery | One More Dollar
Jayhawks | Bad Time | Tomorrow The Green Grass
Laurie Biagini | The California Quake | A Go-Go Girl In A Modern World


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