Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #13, 4/10/2018


So here we are. Lucky show #13. And we celebrated this good luck by turning in a 5 hour and 13 minute marathon of a show. Our beloved DJ Mac took a rare and well-deserved night off, to go hear some live music. So Gidget and I divided up the evening, and as a result, I got an early start, and an amazing thng happened. I was able to squeeze in 78 songs–probably some kind of personal best for me! But the best part is that they are all great songs.

We led off the show with Ming Tea performing “BBC”. If you saw the Austin Powers movie, Ming Tea was the band made up of Susanna Hoffs, Matthew Sweet, and Mike Myers as Austin Powers, who performed this exciting song at the end of the credits. We played a whole crateload of brand new 2018 indie music. And we did one of those impossibly ridiculous segues–Frank Black to Buck Owens! But why not–they’re both great artists, and their songs sound good anywhere in any playlist–even back to back.

This show kinda had everything. But you know who else has everything? You do. You’ve got access to Woody Radio–the station that has some of today’s finest DJs, playing some of today’s and yesterday’s finest music for you. Check out all of their shows. There’s something for each of you to love on Woody Radio.

Artist | Title | Album
Ming Tea | BBC | Austin Powers
Tina Lie | Twilight Hour | Free Enough To Fall
Crowded House | Chocolate Cake | Woodface
Bad Examples | Statue By The Phone | Bad Is Beautiful
Two Dollar Pistols | All I Can Think of Is You | You Ruined Everything
Heroes of Toolik | Perfect | Like Night
Lou Reed | My Red Joystick | New Sensations
Chris Church | Be My Nuisance | Limitations Of Source Tape
Identical Suns | E.M.I.L.Y. | Identical Suns
Matt North | Seventeen Days | Above Ground Fools
Arrica Rose & the …’s | When You’re Gone | Low as the Moon
The Taters | Smoke on Rt 66 | Taters Party
The Catbirds | Who’s Sorry Now | Catbirds Say Yeah
Cirrone | All I Know | Uplands Park Road
John Hiatt | How Bad’s the Coffee | Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Kevin Seconds | Masterpiece Unfinished | Don’t Let Me Lose Ya
Blake Babies | Grateful | Earwig Demos
The Armoires | Fort Ashby | Incidental Light Show
The Bottle Kids | Let Me In On This Action | Let Me In On This Action
Keith Richards | Take It So Hard | Talk Is Cheap
The Breeders | Divine Hammer | Last Splash
Elk City | No Depth | Everybody’s Insecure
The Corner Laughers | (Now That I Have You I’m) Bored | Poppy Seeds
The Ks | The Mosquito | Can’t Get it Together
Squirrel Nut Zippers | Hell | Single release
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | Take You Home | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Frank Black | Calistan | Teenager Of The Year
Buck Owens | Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass | The Very Best Of Buck Owens
Emily Zuzik | This Time Around | You Had Me At Goodbye
Desario | Start on Nine | III
Brian Cullman | And She Said | The Opposite of Time
Iggy Pop | Something Wild | Brick by Brick
Heiskell | Carharts | Arriving
The Rain Parade | This Can’t Be Today | Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
Sam Phillips | Wheel of the Broken Voice | Martinis & Bikinis
The Who | Slip Kid | The Who By Numbers
Gretchen’s Wheel | The Fourth Wall | Fragile State
Herb Eimerman | Just Wishful Thinking | Five Dimensional Man
Maple Mars | Big Imagination | Galaxyland
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | My Soft Rock Girlfriend | Make
Nick Lowe | Rollers Show | Pure Pop for Now People
Bay City Rollers | Turn On The Radio (Single Version) | Bay City Rollers: The Definitive Collection
Anton Barbeau | Down Around The Radio | Natural Causes
The Orange Peels | Room 222 | Trespassing
Sound Sessions | Be My Shaper | Portfolio
Magic Circle | Pete’s Copter | The Fowl Tone Sampler
The Broken Rekkids | Girl In Golden Disc | Starry Eyed
Gene Loves Jezebel | Ain’t It Enough | Dance Underwater
Phyllis Johnson | Looking Up (From Down Below) | Single release
Lannie Flowers | Circles | Circles
Pacific Soul Ltd. | We Go High | The Dance Divine
Spygenius | Shall I Show You In My Mirror? | Pacéphale
Robert Batley | Small Potatoes | Single release
Grateful Dead | Hell In A Bucket | In The Dark
Michael Simmons | Bucket List | First Days of Summer
Steve Barton | 01 How Can I Believe | Tall Tales And Alibis – album 1
Wade Johnson | You Know It | Single release
Felsen | Gunfighting at Dawn | I Dont Know How to Talk Anymore
Kyro (with Lindy LaFontaine) | This Too, In Time, Shall Pass | Single release
The Bobbleheads | Prove Yourself | Make Yourself Happy
Robyn Hitchcock | Sally Was a Legend | Jewels for Sophia
The Undecided By Default | Object Of My Desire | Totally Undecided
Sparklejet | Somewhere Along The Way | Phonovella
Girls on Grass | Father Says Why | Girls on Grass
Al Green | Let’s Stay Together | Let’s Stay Together
Vegas With Randolph | Salt Water Taffy | Single release
Edward Rogers | Bright Star | Glass Marbles
The Welcome Matt | My Town | More Empire Days
Plasticsoul | The Girl of Many Tribes | Therapy
Glen Campbell | Try A Little Kindness | The Very Best Of Glen Campbell
Gail George with Early Times | You Are There | The Barrio Sessions
Where Were You Last Night | Mark’s Men | The Fowl Tone Sampler
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | Another Day Slips Away | Make It Be
Rich McCulley | Far From My Angel | Far From My Angel
Nick Heyward | Dear Miss Finland | The Apple Bed
honeychain | Welcome To My Life | Crushed
The The | This Is the Night | Dusk [Reissue]
Jayhawks | Real Light | Tomorrow The Green Grass


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