You may be aware of the unwritten, but highly enforced radio regulation in commercial classic rock radio, that dictates a certain pair of songs must always be played together, in sequence. I know you already know which songs I’m referring to: Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” and “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)”. Apparently, there are stiff penalties to be paid if they are not played together in sequence.

Did you know that the alternative rock world also has such a pair of songs which must be played together, in sequence? Well maybe you didn’t, because I may be the one that invented that pairing and rule. In this case, the pair of songs are Frank Black’s “Whatever Happened To Pong?” and “Thalassocracy”, from his magnificent 1994 album, “Teenager Of The Year”. Whenever I’ve played them on the radio, it’s always been those two together. They start off the album, and this week, they started off my show, before I chimed in with my comments. THAT’s how you handle those two songs.

And that ends the public service announcement portion of this week’s blog. So what else is going on? Well, this marks my 30th show on Woody Radio, and I swear, these guys must have forgotten to kick me out or something, because remarkably, I’m still here!

We kind of ran the musical gamut with this show. Everything from Dwight Yoakam’s brand of California country to Sunshine Boys’ Midwest alternative rock magnificence to Spygenius’ British psychedelic jangle. We heard The American Professionals do a song reminiscent of Timbuk 3 in their heyday, and then we played some actual Timbuk 3. We leapt from T. Rex to Felsen in a single bound. And we went from Al Green to Gail George to Julian Cope in just two moves–that’s way faster than the other guys do it!

So I think this musical smorgasbord has a little something for each of you. Do me a favor–just listen to the first 5 minutes or so, and see if you don’t agree. If you want to listen to more, hey, who am I to stop you?

And please check out the other DJs at Woody Radio throughout the course of the week. They also serve up their own musical smorgasbords for you, and you’re sure to find something you like.

Enjoy the show!

Artist | Title | Album
Frank Black | Whatever Happened To Pong? | Teenager Of The Year
Frank Black | Thalassocracy | Teenager Of The Year
The Bottle Kids | Let Me In On This Action | Let Me In On This Action
Spygenius | Get Over Yourself | Pacéphale
The Lemonheads | The Outdoor Type | Car Button Cloth
The American Professionals | WMPMS | Sympathetic Overdrive
Anton Barbeau | High Noon | Magic Act
Lannie Flowers | James Bond Theme | Songs. Bond Songs: The Music Of 007
John Hiatt | Slow Turning | Slow Turning
Bikeride | Endless PCH | Summer Winners, Summer Losers
Dwight Yoakam | The Late Great Golden State | Population Me
Kaz Murphy | Midnight Fire | Home For Misfits
Addison Love | Anything’s Right | Thoughts On Lunch?
Sunshine Boys | Only A Million Miles | Blue Music
Duncan Faure | In The Right Place | Anthology
Material Issue | Diane | International Pop Overthrow
Celsi Bragg & Maitland | To Her Door | The Road To Glasgow
Timbuk 3 | Sunshine | Big Shot In The Dark
The JAC | 6 Days on the Road | Drugs Trucks & Jesus
The Scratch | Alcohol’s A Depressant | DiY
The Bobbleheads | Superhero Pose | Make Yourself Happy
Mary Lee’s Corvette | Learn From What I Dream | Learn From What I Dream
Corner Laughers | You Two Are The Ones | Tomb of Leopards
The Ks | The Mosquito | Can’t Get it Together
Danny Wilkerson | How She Lost My Heart | Wilkerson
T. Rex | Jeepster (Single/LP Version) | Electric Warrior (Remastered)
Felsen | Private Airline | Blood Orange Moon
Susan Greenbaum | Looks Good | Wake Up!
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Funhouse | Glamping
The Who | I Can See For Miles | The Who Sell Out
Handcuffs | Gotta’ Problem with Me? | Electroluv
The The | This Is the Night | Dusk
The Cherry Bluestorms | Brighter Days | Whirligig!
Walker Brigade | DIsEASE | Therapy Animal
Translator | Everywhere That I’m Not | Translation
Bud Rogers | Caught In A Wheel | Whiteout
The Imperial Sound | Back On Your Table | The New Am
Elk City | 25 Lines | Everybody’s Insecure
Lisa Mychols | One Revolution | Sugar
William Duke | Cue Up The Memories | Quatro
Jimmy Catlett | 3.0 | Waiting To Fall Off The Earth
Robyn Hitchock | Unsettled | Globe of Frogs
Lannie Flowers | Day Glow | March To Home
Emily Zuzik & Tim Lefebvre | West Coast East Coast | Domestic Blitz
Al Green | I’m Still in Love With You | I’m Still in Love With You
Gail George with Early Times | You Are There | The Barrio Sessions
Julian Cope | Hanging Out And Hung Up On The Line | Peggy Suicide
The Sleep Junkies | The First Time Is Never The Last Time | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Girls on Grass | What They Wrought | Girls on Grass
Chris Church | Worse Things Happen At Sea | Limitations Of Source Tape
Krista D | Black Eyed Susan | Look at me… I’m Krista D
The Jayhawks | Clouds | Hollywood Town Hall


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