No Filter Ep 57 Playlist



Palmyra Delran and The Doppel Gang – Come Spy With Me

The Coathangers – Perfume (Alternate Version)

Beastie – Why Why Why

Brad Marino – Broken Clocks

The Number Ones – You’re So Happy I Could Cry

The Chills – Complex

Screen Test – Make Something Happen

The Speedways – One Kiss Can Lead To Another

The Pitchafits – Pill For My Jealousy

Suicide Generation – You Gonna Burn

The Cavemen – Burn Out For Love

The Dirtiest – Cento Shot

Gino and The Goons – Early Retirement

Sugus – Sorry, We’re Punks

Flanders 72 – This Is A Punk Rock Club

Stop Calling Me Frank – Spider In My Beer

Les Lullies – Night Klub

NOBUNNY – Little Bo Bitch

Johnny Throttle – Spazztastic

Tommy and The Commies – Suckin’ In Your 20s

Wild Evel and The Trashbones – You Better Run

Satan’s Pilgrims – Taco Truck

Nick Lowe – Travelling Light

The Reverend Horton Heat – Spell On Me

The Amazing Royal Crowns – Scene Of The Crime

The Hotrod Hillbillies – Evil Delusions

The Polecats- Make Circuit With Me

Zeddermore – I Do

Lola Pistola – New Day

Sharkmuffin – Secrets

The Ghost Wolves – Shouldn’t Of Lied

The Jack Cades – Head In The Sand

The Ribeye Brothers – Come In Last

RunHideFight – He’s A Jerk

Max Pain and The Groovies – Checkin’ Out Late

Los Eskeletos – Mujeres Gato en la Luna

Archie & The Bunkers – She’s A Rockin’ Machine


Ramones – Bop Til You Drop


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