WOODY RADIO DJ MIKE SHOW #34, 10/16/2018

Some weeks are tougher than others. It seems like I've been plagued by little technical difficulties all week, and one big one. Unfortunately, the big one happened right in the middle of this week's show! About halfway through, my broadcast computer suddenly went dead. Kaput. Fini. So I simply rebooted it, and soldiered on, picking … Continue reading WOODY RADIO DJ MIKE SHOW #34, 10/16/2018

No Filter Ep 60 – SIXTY

Watts – Queens Justine and The Unclean – This System Is Set to Self-Destruct Indonesian Junk – When I Find You Germ House – Crawlspace Far Corners – Chop Chop The Makers – I Might Just Crack Dirty Fences – 911 Ten High – Slackjaw Gaze The Venus Flytraps – Cherry Slush The Hijackers – … Continue reading No Filter Ep 60 – SIXTY