No Filter Ep 60 – SIXTY


Watts – Queens

Justine and The Unclean – This System Is Set to Self-Destruct

Indonesian Junk – When I Find You

Germ House – Crawlspace

Far Corners – Chop Chop

The Makers – I Might Just Crack

Dirty Fences – 911

Ten High – Slackjaw Gaze

The Venus Flytraps – Cherry Slush

The Hijackers – I Don’t Like You

Red Planet – Get Back At You

Adrian Belew w/David Bowie – Pretty Pink Rose

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Coma Girl

Raspberries – Party’s Over

The Bees – Mystery Date

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – He’s Given Me Things

Laura Pergolizzi – Lost On You

Roxy Music – To Turn You On

Duffy – Stepping Stone

The Smithereens – A Lonely Place

Amy Winehouse – In My Bed

The Hotlines – Shake It

Geoff Palmer – The Apartment Song

Brad Marino – It’s Not Right

Turqouiz Noiz – Debit Card

RunHideFight – Because I Love You

Van Go – I Wish I Could Be Grateful

Vegas With Randolph – She’s An Intellectual

  1. Stevie Moore & Jason Faulkner – I Hate People

Parallax Project – Coming Around

Mary’s Kids – In My Grip

Baby Shakes – Turn It Up

The Mental Code – My Cat’s A Psycho

Sly Boots – Beautiful Loser

Tiger Tiger – So You Won’t Deceive Me


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