Gidget’s album of the year is:

Decided to not do a traditional list this year. I know my artists are all booooooo But if I play you I love you!! So that being said I had one album stand out this year in a sea of really awesomeness .. Van Go "Everyone Loves You When You're Gone" The album is even … Continue reading Gidget’s album of the year is:

Gidget Thanks You

First and foremost I want to thank you the reader and listener for another great year at Woody. With new added shows and wonderful family/DJs joining the fold I am honoured to be working with all of everyone. I am awful at lists.. I really want to make sure everyone is included and this year … Continue reading Gidget Thanks You


Wow--it's already December! Time for the holidays. I'm not one who's traditionally big on Christmas music--unless it's cool, quirky, or unusual (more on that later). But don't worry--I'm not going to be doing any strictly holiday shows, but with this week's show, I've sprinkled in a few very cool seasonal songs. We're approaching the end … Continue reading WOODY RADIO DJ MIKE SHOW #38, 12/4/2018