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First and foremost I want to thank you the reader and listener for another great year at Woody. With new added shows and wonderful family/DJs joining the fold I am honoured to be working with all of everyone.

I am awful at lists.. I really want to make sure everyone is included and this year there was just too much good stuff.


This year I am giving you my most wonderful artists. I want everyone to know if I play you I respect you and i enjoy it. Since we do this as technically a hobby and there is no money in it I don’t have the time to play stuff I don’t care for. And I am on so little I really only play what my heart feels..

So here is the artist and his cohort I am most grateful for this year.

Cosmo Topper and his sidekick Mark “Eboy” Englert

Since day one at Woody Cosmo pushes me to be a better DJ. He sends me his music and music of others he knows I will feel in the way a DJ should.. It needs to get in the brain and the heart. That thump you get is the tug of a great song. He totally gets why I do this.

Cosmo is a Secret Weapon of sorts.. Much like we have here at the station he is one in real life. Running the magic keyboards for various bands and live shows like “Imagine the musical” and “Dramarama”

His played with band list is amazingly long as well deserved and he is a sought after genius of keys. But I remember him in my teen years as the dude who helped out Jonah and that damn whale in the Burning Sensation classic. “Belly Of The Whale” Or maybe when his band was reminding us as we watched “Repo Man” that Pablo Picasso was never called and asshole.

Mark Englert I consider a friend. I met him when he was playing with Dramarama back in 1989. A mysterious sort who was uber talented and really awesome with knowledge. Intriguing. I call him the man behind the hat when Cosmo sends me his work cause really that is what he does.. He keeps Cosmos hat on..

Plus he has this awesome solo track that I just love called “Attack Of The The 20 Foot Woman From Mars”

This is supposed to be me thanking them.. Me playing misty for them. Me grateful for them and the Christmas tracks for our recent charity album. I am grateful for the last 12 years for Cosmo and Mark.

Thank you guys.. For everything and more.


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