No Filter Best of 2018 Albums

I did a ranking, but my love is fluid, and this was how I was feeling the day I wrote the list. There was so much good music this year I couldn’t get to it all. There are a bunch more albums I like below the ranking. Check back for my favorite single releases.

Top 10 Albums

10. The Peawees – Moving Target (Rum Bar Records)

9.   The Connection – Wish You Success (2WIN Records)

8.   Skating Polly – The Make It All Show (El Camino Media, LLC)

7.   Natterers – Head in Threatening Attitude (Boss Tunage Records)

6.   Willie Nile – Children of Paradise (River House Records)

5.   Les Lullies – S/T (Slovenly Records)

4.   Suicide Generation – Last Suicide (Dirty Water Records)

3.   Palmyra Delran & The Doppel Gang – Come Spy with Me (Wicked Cool Records)

2.   The Speedways – Just Another Regular Summer (Gods Candy Records)

1.   Wild Evel & The Trashbones – Digging My Grave (Dirty Water Records)

Other Albums I Love:

The Beths – Future Me Hates Me (Carpark Records)

Justine and The Unclean – Heartaches & Hot Problems (Rum Bar Records)

Lucy and the Rats – S/T (Dirty Water Records)

Devious Ones – Plainfield Nights (Self –

The Jack Cades – Music for Children (Dirty Water Records)

The Venus Flytraps – Night of the Venus Flytraps (Self – BANDCAMP)

Jagger Holly – The Last of the International Playboys (Outloud! Records)

Shovel – It’s Fun to Be A Nothing (Dirty Water Records)

Tommy and The Commies – Here Comes… (Slovenly Records)

Archie & The Bunkers – Songs from the Lodge (Dirty Water Records)

 BBQT – LET’S GO! (No Front Teeth Records)      


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