Here’s a guy who can’t even be bothered to give his show a proper name.

Another Tuesday night, and another DJ Mike “Show With No Name”. During the show, I mused about the show, which shall remain nameless–literally–having no name. But that’s part of the charm. I purposely didn’t name this show. I’ve named my other radio shows in the past, giving them names such as “Twirl”, or “The California Diner”. But if you name the show, you’re stuck with just one name, and all that it implies. So this was my experiment: give it no name, and let people’s imaginations run wild. I just say “Woody Radio” a lot during my show, because I really, really like the station’s name, and let the music do the talking.

Is it working? Well, 47 shows in, and I still don’t know. So I cover my tracks with a lot of music, just to make up for any lack of creativity in naming the show. I don’t think people have caught on to this ruse yet, so I’ll probably just keep going like this for a while, until somebody says something.

So here’s how you can help. If you didn’t manage to listen live, can you give a listen to at least a little bit of this replay? You’ll hear a whole bunch of brand new 2019 music. There’s also bands in the mix with some offbeat names–Heroes of Toolik, Ass Ponys, and Librarians with Hickeys come to mind–and some artists with fake names (you’ll just have to listen to figure that one out). You’ll quickly realize that at least somebody out there knows how to name something. But do listen, as this week’s show really was a full-on feast for the ears.

And stay with Woody Radio. There are dozens of DJs here who really take the time to put some great sets of music together for you. It’s like a 24/7 mixtape. Enjoy!

Artist | Title | Album
The Candyskins | Submarine Song | A Brief History
Allyson Seconds | Dig My Pig | Bag of Kittens
Heroes of Toolik | Perfect | Like Night
Byron Isaacs | Daddy’s Farm | Disappearing Man
Nirvana | Lounge Act | Nevermind
The Well Wishers | April Is Only A Lie | A View From Above
Heiskell | Still Life With Broken Heart | Emotional Terrorism
Gordon Weiss | I’m Your Fan | It’s About Time
Sarah Stanley | Tuesday Girl | Tuesday Girl
The Mysteries of Life | I Like You | Bad Advice
Uncle Tupelo | Outdone (1989 Demo) | 89/93: An Anthology
Krista D | Crazy Bitch | Single release
The Bobbleheads | Bedazzler (Redux) | Make Yourself Happy
The Cherry Bluestorms | Roy Wood | Whirligig!
The Clash | Brand New Cadillac | London Calling
Lisa Mychols | I Go Wild | Single release
Clifford Ulrich | I’m Going to Miss Her | Single release
Van Halen | Everybody Wants Some!! | Women And Children First
Victor Sotelo | Flying Planes Can Be Dangerous | Homeland Insecurities
Sunshine Boys | Billy Boy | Blue Music
Sam Phillips | Wheel of the Broken Voice | Martinis & Bikinis
Pugwash | Easier Done Than Said | Silverlake
Sue Leonard | Who Wrote This Book On Love | Leonardville
Bart Mendoza & True Stories | Blue Chair | Beyond Belief: A Tribute To Elvis Costello
Michal Towber | Rockstar | No Resolution
Sir Loin | Rubber Lady | The Fowl Tone Sampler
The Taters | Goodbye Girl | Taters PARTY
Lannie Flowers | Favorite Song | Circles
Rose Reiter | Where You Are | What I Don’t Get
Don Hawkins | Demons | 4th Down
Kai Danzberg | Reach You Somehow | Not Only Sunshine
Urge Overkill | Bottle Of Fur | Saturation
Agony Aunts | Cool Fresh Nights | Big Cinnamon
Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Mistakes | Mistakes
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | I’m Sorry | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Nick Heyward | Reach Out for the Sun | The Apple Bed
Librarians With Hickeys | Until There Was You | Until There Was You
Adam Marsland | Mau Ke Mana | Bulé
Gretchen’s Wheel | Imp | Black Box Theory
R.E.M. | World Leader Pretend | Green
The Imperial Sound | Ain’t Crawling Back | The New AM
Chris Church | Worse Things Happen At Sea | Limitations Of Source Tape
The Jayhawks | Clouds | Hollywood Town Hall
The Orange Peels | Mystery Lawn | So Far
Rockpile with Robert Plant | Little Sister | Concerts For Kampuchea
Tawny Thiele | Happy Together | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Ass Ponys | Death Car $25 | Little Bastard
John Hiatt | Uncommon Connection | Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Elk City | Ride The Slide | Everybody’s Insecure
Bill Lloyd | Satellite | Working The Long Game
Fire Town | The Good Life | The Good Life


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