DJ Mike
Oh. This guy again.

You know how some shows, in an effort to be dramatic, save the “good songs” for right before the commercial break, or for the end of the show? Not me. I played only good songs on last night’s show. You see, at Woody Radio, we have no commercial breaks, and on Tuesday nights, I have no defined ending to my show. I go at least 3 hours, and then do what we call “overtime”. Gidget and Boris literally encourage me to just be on the air, playing music, for as long as I want.

So herein lies the problem: without these boundaries, I don’t know when I’m supposed to be playing the bad, mediocre, and so-so music. So I just play the good stuff, and that way, it’s a whole lot less confusing for me.

The Fortune Cookie Report, 2/26/2019

Last week, I accidentally created a new feature for the show: The Fortune Cookie Report. Basically, I open up and eat a fortune cookie on the air, and read the fortune out loud, and then make some hopefully pithy remark about it, right before getting back into the music. So I did the same this week, and I’ve decided that whatever fortune I get, if you’re listening to the show, it’s your fortune too.

Oh–and the great 2019 music keeps rolling in, so I’m rolling it out to you. It’s shaping up to be a pretty nice year for music so far.

Do me–and yourself–a favor. Click the audio link below, and listen to at least a part of this great music. I think you’ll find some new sounds that you love.

Artist | Title | Album
R.E.M. | Ignoreland | Automatic For The People
Anton Barbeau | Losing You Makes Crucifixion Easy | Empire of Potential
The Mighty Lemon Drops | Inside Out | Young, Gifted, And Black Country
The Decibels | Stupidity | Scene, Not Herd
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Going Back To Work Tomorrow | Waving Kissyhead, Vol 2 & 1
Sexfresh | True | Vacancy
Jody Porter | In the Beginning… | Pacifier
Jimmy Catlett | Everybody Sez | The Big Beat
Kat Jones | One More Second Chance | La Rosa, La Calavera
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | Take You Home | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Fishbone | Party at Ground Zero | Fishbone
The Cherry Bluestorms | Purple Heart Magic | Whirligig!
The Breeders | I Just Wanna Get Along | Last Splash
Leonty / Rose Reiter | Inside | Single
Firehose | Flyin’ The Flannel | Flyin’ The Flannel
The Imperial Sound | Get Along! | The New AM
Lost Leaders | All That I Want | Promises Promises
Alison Hogan | This Time | Songs From The Third Act
HUGElarge | Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White | HUGElarge
My Little Hum | Rise Over Run | Remembering Houses
Jackson Browne | Doctor My Eyes | Saturate Before Using
Mike Levy | New Day | Fireflies
Sunshine Boys | Schoolyard Bully | Blue Music
Kevin Seconds | Forever Try | Don’t Let Me Lose Ya
Galaxie 500 | Pictures | Today
Lannie Flowers | Day Glow | Single release
Molly Grue | Anyway | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
Nrbq | Get A Grip | Scraps
Gail George with Early Times | Be Okay | The Barrio Sessions
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Sun Up | Everybody’s Unplugged Except Martin
Kai Danzberg featuring Dana Countryman | My Beautiful Day | Not Only Sunshine
Irene Peña | Not From Around Here | Single release
Frank Black | Old Black Dawning | Frank Black
Steve Barton | 01 How Can I Believe | Tall Tales And Alibis – album 1
Crooked Flower | Dancing | Into The Light
Rachel Taylor Brown | Maker | Run Tiny Human
Michael Simmons | Dirt Nap | First Days of Summer
John Wesley Harding | Build Me A Coffin | Dynablob
Elk City | He’s Having a Baby | Everybody’s Insecure
The Smithereens | Groovy Tuesday | Especially for You
Mark’s Men | Where Were You Last Night | The Fowl Tone Sampler
B.J. Thomas | Hooked On A Feeling | The Complete Scepter Singles
The Lemonheads | The Outdoor Type | Car Button Cloth
Glenn Mercer | Wheels in Motion | Wheels in Motion
Ricky Berger | Silly Boy, Goodnight | Ricky Berger’s First Album
Michal Towber | Fantasy | No Resolution
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians | Freeze (Shatter Mix) | Queen Elvis
Crowded House | It’s Only Natural | Woodface
The Corner Laughers | Lammas Land | Matilda Effect
The Judybats | Geography | Pain Makes You Beautiful
Hot Nun | Big Fat No | Born To Blaze
The Orange Peels | The Words Don’t Work | Sun Moon
Chris Church | Fall Into Me | Limitations Of Source Tape
Juliana Hatfield | Running Out | Bed
Julian Cope | Beautiful Love | Peggy Suicide
Dara Ackerman | Party Bus to Vallejo | Dara Ackerman – Partially True Stories


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