No Filter Ep 77 – JEM and Some French Bands

Aired: 3/21/2019

The Peawees – ‘Cause You Don’t Know Me

Brad Marino – On the Brink

Cromm Fallon – Out of Control

The Blankz – When I’m Not Around

Kelly & Jaret – Doin’ Alright

Richard Vain – Tar Pits

Pink Mexico – Shit River

The Gotobeds – Calquer The Hound

The Thigh Scrapers – The Time is Right

Pezband – Back in The Middle

Nick Piunti – Temporary High

The Grip Weeds – She Tries

The Anderson Council – Never Stop Being ‘67

Brenyama – Waiting For Godzilla

The Bayonets – So Easy Rider

The Scaners – Galactic Race

Weird Omen – The Goat

Shaky Things – Please Love

Les Lullies – Bad Attitude

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – Let’s Skip to the Good Bit

Faz Waltz – Julie

Kurt Baker ft. Dan Vapid – Want You Around

Dan Vapid and The Cheats – The Sky is Electric Blue

The Oh See – Cool Death

The Steve Adamyk Band – When I Was Gone

Hollis Brown – Run Right to You


Stiff Love – Up In Your Room

Natterers – Please the People

Sugus – Marathon Man

The Queers – Don’t Mess It Up

The Venus Flytraps – X-Ray Eyes

Death Valley Girls – Disaster (Is What We’re After)

Keith Richards – Big Town Playboy

Jayne County w/ Jim LaLumia – Leave My Pussy Alone


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