Wow! So much great music to squeeze into only 3-1/2 hours!

This week’s show was fun. Well, for me, anyway. But I hope you found it fun as well, or are about to find it fun. Well, what is “fun”, anyway? For me, fun is discovering new music, and having some great musicians send me their latest as soon as they’re ready for people to hear it–and then playing all of it for you on the radio.

A wide variety of new music has been coming in lately, in all genres, and it’s been of consistently high quality. A lot of thoughtful songwriting is happening in 2019.

One especially moving track, that I debuted on my show, was by British band Four Colour Ghosts. The song is “Calling Out My Name”. My online friend Devin Moore is the drummer for the band, and he was kind enough to reach out and gauge my interest. It’s truly a great song, and it’s got a powerful message. As Devin put it, “This track is focusing on mental health. Depression, suicide awareness. Calling out my name…no matter how alone you do feel, someone somewhere is always calling out your name, you do mean something to someone.” These guys gave this song their all. It was an honor to play this one on my show, and you might want to check out the video as well:

Your fortune for 3/26/2019

Also–in the past few days, I received fantastic new albums from Girls On Grass and The Morning Line. I know I just debuted “Down At The Bottom” by Brooklyn-based Girls on Grass on my other radio show Twirl, this past Saturday, but the song is so amazingly rockin’, I needed to hear it again on the radio. And The Morning Line, a San Francisco band, just found me and sent me their great album, and I needed to share it with you right away.

Good music needs to get out there. As we used to say on my old station, Recharged Radio, “music needs to be driven, not controlled”. Indeed.

Oh yeah–I finished up the last of my batch of fortune cookies, so I shared that with you on the show. Just as well–this last one tasted a bit stale, so it’s time to buy more. But the fortune is a good one. And you’ll have good fortune if you listen to all the good music on this show, and all the other Woody Radio shows. Have a great week!

Artist | Title | Album
The Cherry Bluestorms | She Said She Said | Whirligig!
Poplord | Flower Bomb | Poplord vs The Universe
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | Another Day Slips Away | Make It Be
Handcuffs | Resurrection | Electroluv
Michael Simmons | Rudderless Day | First Days of Summer
Corner Laughers | The Red Queen | Tomb of Leopards
Victor Sotelo | Hey Paul! | Homeland Insecurities
Frank Black | Old Black Dawning | Frank Black
Sunshine Boys | Caroline Yes | Blue Music
Lisa Mychols | I Go Wild | Single release
The Decibels | All Of Your Lies | Scene, Not Herd
The Chandler Travis Three-O | Air, Running Backwards | Bocce & Bourbon: The Comfortable Songs Of Travis & Greenberger
Urge Overkill | The Break | Exit The Dragon
Trip Wire | Act Fast | Once & Always
Chancellorpink | Cracking Up | All of Them Monsters
The Kariannes | This Song Is a Cure | This Song Is a Cure (Big Stir Digital Single No. 17)
Jet Electro | I’m Not Easy | Tall Dark And Lonesome: The Story Of Slim Grinder
Susan Greenbaum | Wake Up! | Wake Up!
Nick Lowe | We Want Action | The Abominable Showman
Big Head Todd & The Monsters | Greyhound | Strategem
Bill Lloyd | What Time Won’t Heal | Working The Long Game
Don Hawkins | Ordinary Things | Future Ghosts
Nick Heyward | Baby Blue sky | Woodland Echoes
Lannie Flowers | Anything But Love | March To Home
Juliana Hatfield | Don’t Rush Me | Beautiful Creature
Lost Leaders | All That I Want | Promises Promises
Allyson Seconds | Little World | Little World
Addison Love | Wee & Nancy Lee | Thoughts On Lunch?
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Three Times | Twitch!
Liz Phair | 6’1″ | Exile in Guyville
I Am Casting | Muggers | Carnival Barkers
Brian Cullman | Memphis Madeline | The Opposite of Time
Irene Peña | Not From Around Here | Single release
Identical Suns | Saving It Up For Sunday | Week Minded
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | My Soft Rock Girlfriend | Make
Matt Langlois | Spending My Time With You | Merde!
Elk City | No Depth | Everybody’s Insecure
The Campfire Flies | Lost My Place In A Small Town | Sparks Like Little Stars
Jason Berk | That’s Not You | Everything Old Is New Again
The Bobbleheads | Holding On | Myths And Fables
Felsen | White Denim Jeans | Blood Orange Moon
Four Colour Ghosts | Calling Out My Name | Single release
Glenn Mercer | Wheels in Motion | Wheels in Motion
Krista D | Crazy Bitch | Single release
Anton Barbeau | MTV Song | Empire of Potential
John Hiatt | Slow Turning | Slow Turning
The Darling Buds | Fall | Crawdaddy
Girls On Grass | Down At The Bottom | Dirty Power
Librarians With Hickeys | Until There Was You | Until There Was You
The Morning Line | Nostradamus | North
Allen | Hold Me Tight | Simple Things
Danny Wilkerson | Carry The One | Wilkerson
Terese Taylor | Hermit | Good Luck Investigationship
Chris Church | Be My Nuisance | Limitations Of Source Tape
Plasticsoul | Keeping a Light On | Therapy
The Who | Dreaming From The Waist | The Who By Numbers


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