No Filter Ep 78 – Punk and Stuff

Aired: 04/11/2019

Dressy Bessy – Stay True

The Dollyrots – Everything

Brad Marino – What Comes Naturally

Faz Waltz – Millionaire

The Nuclears – Lightspeed Getaway

Slaughter and the Dogs – Situation

Ravagers – Pretty Sure

Djävulen Möblerar Om – Mot Allt Som Du Är För

Drunk Mums – Ripper

Hood Rats – Too Broke For Justice

B. Spanks – Fixation

Mr. and the Mrs. – Ultra Violence

Krimewatch – “小便 たれ”

Product Lust – Act of Disrupt

The Buzzards – Broken Hands

Candy Highway – Mad Glad Blah

Vulpynes – Bitches are Like Waves

Red Hare – Take A Walk

Priors – Call For You

Personality Cult – Fashionably Late

Sore Points – Outta Luck

The Fucktrons – Pay Yer Taxes

Becky & The Politicians – Orgasm Addict

Kept – Who Wants To Bleed

Fine Pets – Anything Weird

Dress Forms – Force Fed

Warm Trash – Wolfen

Conditioner – Find Someplace

The Boys Next Door – These Boots Are Made For Walking

Tommy & The Commies – So Happy

Les Lullies – Don’t Blame You

Mr. Airplane Man – Lonely For You

BBQT – Savage 512

Pezband – Unexpected

Hellbillys – Bondage A Go Go

The Blasters – I’m Shaking

Mad Daddys – Ain’t That Lovin’ Ya Baby


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