No Filter Ep 82 – Do They Surf in Japan?

Aired: 5/16/2019

The Sweet Things – Liquor Lightning

The Liza Colby Sound – Eye On You

The Tip – Rock N Roll Heaven

Cherry Pickles – Elvis Exorcist

Oh!Gunquit – Greasy Moves

Primitive Finks – I Got My Eyes On You

Les Bof! – Jezebel

The Fadeaways – Be The Flakes

Guitar Wolf – Love & Jett

The Molice – Hello Hello

Antic Cafe – Escapism

The Pillows – Ride on Shooting Star

Beat Crusaders – Hit In America

Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Haruka Kanata

Puffy AmiYumi – I Don’t Wanna

Jude Cole – Starry Eyes

The Records – Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her)

The Laissez Fairs – High Horse

The Pale Lips – Hiding From the Moon

The Strypes – Black Shades Over Red Eyes

Tommy and the Commies – So Happy

The Darts – Love U 2 Death

Diane and The Gentlemen – Boyfriend

Genya Ravan ft. Ian Hunter – Junkman

Soraia – Beautiful Curse

Honeychain – Violet

The Beths – Little Death

Parasite Diet – Warp Speed Love

Dirt Bike Annie – Grape Crush

The Chats – Smoko

Missiles of October – Blah-blah-blah

The Gala US – Crybaby (Dream Of Me)


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