No Filter Ep 83 – Jet Lag Mixtape

Aired: 5/30/2019

Dirty Cheetahs – Losing My Mind

Candy Snatchers – Burn It to The Ground

Model Zero – Gift of Lies

Prince – Walk Don’t Walk

Amyl and The Sniffers – Cup of Destiny

Peter Gabriel – We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)

Willie Nile – Let’s All Come Together

The Right Here – Drinks and a Dress (acoustic)

Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth – Her Highness

Japandroids – Fire in the Western World

The Dirty Pearls – Caffeine and Gasoline

Old 97s – My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin’

The Hollywood Brats – Red Leather

The Replacements – Alex Chilton

The Carvels NYC – Questioningly

The Ramones – Cretin Hop

Lily Allen – Take What You Take

The Dead Milkmen – Gorilla Girl

The Suck – All We Know

Shark Tape – Dying to Know

Leah Andreone – Come Sunday Morning

Hotrod Hillbillies – Terribly Wrong

Telephone Lovers – Downtown Girl

The Pogues – Honky Tonk Woman

Pale Face of Youth – What Remains

Marah – Barstool Boys

Ryan Adams – This House is Not for Sale

The Crunch – Gangster Radio

Anti Pasti – No Government

New York Dolls – Gotta Get Away from Tommy

Muck & The Mires – I’m Down with That

Mr. Airplane Man – Never Break

The Sonics – The Witch

Marky Ramone – One Way Ride

The Red Button – Can’t Let Candy Go

The Peawees – Don’t Look

The Anderson Council – Sitting on a Cloud

The Beths – Whatever

The Two Tens – Breathe


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